You Best Know How To Fight

You Best Know How To Fight by Charles Sledge

Violence. It makes up a fundamental part of our world. Though many have been able to shelter themselves from it, that time is coming to an end. The world is changing. People are being thrown together that have nothing and common and nothing but distrust and hatred for each other. The elites love this as it causes disorder, hatred, and tension. Allowing them to be the heroes that all can supposedly rally to. However in the meantime it will result in more pain, suffering, and death. Which will eventually lead to tyranny.

Not a pretty picture but an accurate one. For many years the vast majority of those living in Western societies have been able to get away with being soft. They were sheltered from violence by strong men who they often hated and lambasted. Now we live in a world where the strong men can only do so much and often won’t if it isn’t politically correct. Soon you will be on your own. Especially if you are a law abiding citizen who isn’t rich or isn’t part of a protected class and even then you may not be safe.

I don’t say this to project doom and gloom nor to scare you. Though if you have taken no measures to prepare you should feel some source of discomfort. That discomfort you feel now may very well be the thing that saves your life one day. Because it spurned you on to action, it spurned you on to take matters into your own hands. To take responsibility for your safety, because no one else is going to.

Be Dangerous

In The Primer I said “A man who isn’t dangerous isn’t much of a man” and I stand by that. We have been weakened and are ripe for the plundering which is happening all around us. Look at crime statistics, there is a war going on with real causalities. You could be next if you allow yourself to be a target. It doesn’t matter if you live in a gated neighborhood or out in the country you will only be isolated for so long before you will have to deal with the changing realities of the world.

You must become dangerous if you and your kin are going to survive the next fifty years. You best know how to fight. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a requirement if you want to live in peace. Remember the only way to prevent war. To be so strong that declaring war on you wouldn’t be worth it. That’s the only way to keep peace, to be able to beat the living dog shit out of the other guy. Not words, not bribing, and sure as fuck not kindness. But violence. Violence is golden.

Train For Combat

Training is good. While when most think of training they think of weight training which there is nothing wrong with and which I do and recommend wholeheartedly. However there are some stipulations there. You shouldn’t train alone for being big or for looks but you should train for something that will be beneficial for you. Train for strength, train for doing damage to others, but don’t train simply for vanity like a woman. There should be a point to your training, to make you more dangerous in some capacity.

Imagine the gladiators or Spartans or the Marines training. They train for something useful, combat. Not to look good in a mirror. That is how you should approach your training. Always include some sort of combat focus in your training, so not using weights alone as great as they can be. Make sure to include a martial art of some sort. Boxing, grappling, military combat, jiu-jitsu, I don’t care but whatever it is train to get better at it. Not to achieve simple proficiency but to excel.


Cultivate the skill to fight and more importantly the will to fight. Without the will the body is useless. With the will much can be accomplished. Things are returning to survival of the fittest and if you are a law abiding hard working citizen then you are going to be a target for the barbarians and those at the top. The only way to be safe is to the baddest barbarian there is. Which isn’t always possible but at the very least you can help yourself by not being a soft target.

Remember criminals often operate as predators looking for the weak to pick on. They operate like bullies. They don’t take on the football captain who also boxes and has an anger problem. No, they pick on those that they can. Don’t be one of those that they can. Become dangerous and walk with confidence that you can handle yourself should violence arise. Be dangerous, be a man.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    i have also felt this way for a couple of years now, even at the beginning of my 20’s, there have been times i have wished that the human mating dance, courtship ritual, was similiar to how other animals do it, like as in how you see a lot of other mammals, the male literally fights another male, here is how it is in Lions compared to Humans:

    “In the animal kingdom, when a Male Lion comes of age he begins to make his move to acquire a female lion to breed with. If he’s unsuccessful with one group of females, he goes to another area and meets some more. Unlike us human males, a lion has to fight and sometimes kill another lion to take over the pack and territory so he can then breed with the female (s).

    As a human man, you simply have to walk over and talk to women and if you’re able to get her attracted by displaying confidence, social intelligence and masculinity, then she is not only going to be interested in having sex with you, but she’ll most-likely want to be your girlfriend or wife. After you’ve had sex, she’ll fall in love with you (if you’re a confident guy and make her feel how she wants to feel emotionally”

    Male Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears are like that, and Buffalos, Hippos, Elephants, Rhinos, Seals, Walruses, and many other mammals, the male has to fight another male in order to be able to mate with the female. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes i feel i’m crazy for thinking like this, it’s just that the times i wish the human mating dance, courtship ritual was like this, like the process humans have to go through in order go on dates or get a relationship, get laid, is because even though i want to avoid the “Life isn’t Fair” trope like you said, because i know life, reality is not fair.

    The reason why i have wished the human mating dance, courtship ritual, or process in order to go on dates, enter relationships, get laid was like how those other mammals do it, in order get a mate, is because i feel like getting into a physical fight with someone in order to release my anger, rage, stress, frustration, whenever life feels unfair, like an injustice, cruel, tough, because i’m sure that will release all of that out in ways that working out at the gym can not. What i want to release my anger and rage, frustration, resentment on is that being a shy guy is worse than being a shy girl, anyone who disagrees with that is delusional, shyness, social-awkwardness, social-anxiety is obviously gonna hurt men more than women and people will say things like this:
    “that’s a huge generalization to make. society certainly has
    different expectations for men vs. women, but there’s no point in
    worrying about who it’s “worse” for. A better mindset is to take
    responsibility for every part of your own life.”

    Eventhough there is no point in caring or thinking about who has it worse, thats true, but of course it is gonna be worse for men but that is just how reality is, i’m sure you can definetley agree with that.

    I’m sure you can agree that having social problems like i mentioned are going to hurt men more than women, and the part we went over before on how men always have to be the ones to take or accept more responsibility in life than women do, thats another reason why i have the urge to fight and have wished the human mating system was like other mammals.

    Another reason why i hate how shyness or social-awkwardness, being socially-inept is worse for men, is because guys who are like that can easily be thrown the creepy or stalker label, meanwhile that will never happen to women, first all because women don’t have to take social risks like men do, and plus since women are physically weaker than men, that means women are not gonna be perceived as a threat, thats why it’s men who get labeled creepy or stalkerish, even when a lot of those guys would never mean any harm, their social-skills are bad, so yes goes back to what i said, bad social-skills are gonna hurt men more than women.

    Last thing i want to mention here, another reason why i feel it would be easier if the human mating system was like that, instead of having to rely on our social-skills, conversation-skills and had to fight instead, with fighting it would be impossible to make any social error or any creeper error in terms of social-skills, conversation-skills, etc. Hard to put into words but i think you get the point, i think it’s a natural human urge, especially more in men, to have feelings of wanting to fight or instigate a fight, to get violent, i’m sure it’s a natural primal urge from primitive times, but since we have civilization now, we have society we have laws, we have rules, we are conditioned to suppress this, hard to explain but i’m sure you get the point.

    I don’t want you think of this as a troll thread, i’m sure you have had those thoughts of feeling like fighting.

    • Oh yeah man no doubt. Social awkwardness is 10x worse for a male as far as mating goes. And yes fighting is a natural urge and healthy when channeled properly. Have you tried boxing or something similar. There is something that I get out of boxing that I could never get out of the gym. Might want to try it out.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        ya i feel like i need to fight someone in public, like in a bar or someplace, in order to release my anger, rage, stress, frustration, whenever life, reality, feels like an injustice, is unfair(which i already know that it is)

        • Bad idea, go to a boxing gym and get in the ring (or another full contact martial art).

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            ya i know, i won’t do it because i know it’s a bad idea, besides, even adult Male Lions will fear or be scared if an enraged Hippo or Elephant, Rhino charges at them, or Hyenas if they have strength in numbers, you never know who you are fighting once the fight begins, fear is a natural instinctive human feeling, emotion. Even though us guys are expected to be the confident courageous ones in life, society, the fact if we don’t feel any fear is a lie, we all do. It’s just sometimes i feel like instigating a fight with someone i feel jealous of or someone who gets on my case, we all have an animalistic nature inside of us.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        another thing about fighting, and even killing, i got this quote from somewhere: “it
        is normal to kill, every animal does it, humans are nothing more, then a
        modern version of ape-monkey’s, thru evolution, FACT, we are primates, killing in anger,
        is natural, anyone who don’t get the urge to kill, has lack of emotion,
        yes we all get the urge to kill, but most of us will never act out on it, we try to deal with it in a more civilized manner, since we have society now, we have rules, culture, laws, etc.” Thats why murder still happens every day in this world, Most of us will never act on it because we don’t want to get arrested or go to prison, the police, law enforcement we have today basically exist just to suppress our animalistic, beastly urges, hard to put into words but hopefully you get the point.

        • Yeah, restraint of the animal nature is what causes civilization and progress.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        the quote: “Men either sink or swim, Women pretty much float if that makes sense, Men either rise to the top or sink to the bottom, meanwhile women sort of exist happily in the middle”, will admit, your the first person I ever heard that quote, statement from and I feel it has had a powerful impact on my life, because it is so true and makes total sense, I really like it a lot, I feel it also made me view the way how anxiety or social awkwardness, or being socially deficient hurts men more than women, here it is, I remember I hearing a discussion somewhere on how it hurts men more than women and the guy responded by saying: “and therefore it’s his job to get that handled”, ya in life you will often times hear stuff you don’t want to hear in order to get where you want to go, but anyway, about to make my point.

        The way that quote, statement resonates is that it’s pretty much guys that have to overcome shyness, social-anxiety and social awkwardness if they want to have a decent dating life or get a girlfriend because guys have to initiate, make the first move, approach, lead the interaction, while girls not really because they are gonna have guys approaching them, making the first move, asking them out, escalating on them, leading the interaction, so either Sink or Swim.

        Men sinking in this situation would be not overcoming that, not getting that handled, swimming would be overcoming that and getting that handled, women floating in this situation would be is metaphorically speaking, men would be throwing women a life vest or inner tube at them(metaphorically speaking) since men are escalating on them, initiating with them, making the first move, etc., that would mean men are helping women but women don’t really help men in that regard, same thing with that women will have lots of white knights coming after them meanwhile there are no female white knights for men.

        I’m pretty sure you can agree with that, that’s another one of the many ways that men either sink or swim, while women pretty much float.