How To Become & Stay Confident In A Society That Wants Us Insecure

How To Become & Stay Confident In A Society That Wants Us Insecure by Charles Sledge

This is a weekly column by Stefan Simonovic. Stefan runs multiple dating sites and writes about dating for men. In this article Stefan is going to talk about how to become confident in a society that wants to keep us insecure as well as how to stay confident once you’ve gotten it. Enjoy.

Fear – it can be a great motivator, but it can also be the thing that stands in our way. These days, people are awfully afraid of rejection and failure and that makes them very vulnerable. This is exactly why millions of people are choosing to stay inside and build their popularity and “status” via the Internet and from the safety of their own home. People are literally afraid to live their lives out in the open, so it became all about who has the most Instagram followers. A great number of individuals today can’t achieve their goals simply because they lack confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, the question has to be asked – what is the best way to boost confidence? Well, if you’re interested in finding out, make sure to stick around and see not one, but several ways to raise the level of your self-esteem.

Find A Way To Surpass Your Own Limits

We’re all dreamers, especially during childhood, but somewhere along the way, certain people with authority decide to tell us what we can or can’t accomplish. Unfortunately, most kids accept these “suggestions” simply because they don’t want to stand out from the rest of the “pack”. This is exactly where fear of rejection kicks in. However, when a person grows up, he/she starts to be aware of those awful limitations. This realization happens to everyone out there and most people are able to push themselves all the way to their limits, but they simply can’t surpass them. Finding a way to cross that line will drastically boost your confidence and self-belief. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical or mental limitation, if you find a way to step over it, you’ll feel like you can conquer the entire world.

Smile Like You Mean It

Besides being a popular song by the legendary band “The Killers”, this is actually a pretty good piece of advice. Sometimes people need to look positive in order to feel that way too. It’s not exactly “fake it till you make it” principle, but it’s similar. However, in this case, you’re not faking anything, you’re simply choosing to look confident so people around you will get that idea. After they’re convinced that you’re full of self-esteem, it will be easier for you to dazzle them. This will create a snowball effect and you’ll feel better about yourself as the time goes by. So, it’s not cheating or deceiving, it’s just a useful shortcut that will provide you with an amazing result in the end.

Be Prepared!

Remember that moment in Lion King when Scar sings the “Be Prepared” song? Well, he has a point! Being ready for what’s to come is one of the most important things in life. This strategy applies to literally anything in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking an exam, playing a tennis match, or going on a date with a cute guy/girl, you simply have to be prepared! If you don’t study, you won’t be confident in your knowledge. If you don’t train for the tennis match, you will always doubt every single one of your shots. And finally, if you don’t clean up, dress smoothly, and watch your manners, you won’t have the courage to be yourself during the date with the person you like. Self-belief is key, and in order to have it, you need to eliminate all the possible risks. The only way to do that is by going through a thorough preparation process. If you have everything under control, your confidence will skyrocket.

Set Small Goals And Achieve Them One By One

Yeah, dreaming big is important, but achieving big things requires a high level of belief. In order to be this confident, you need to feel what it’s like to succeed! What does that mean? Well, it means that, at first, you need to set small goals and achieve them one after another. These “little” victories and triumphs will provide you with a certain sense of accomplishment and, trust us, there is no better “fuel” than this particular feeling. Therefore, don’t underestimate these little challenges life sends your way. Conquer these seemingly small quests and after a while, your confidence will go through the roof. Eventually, this strategy will allow you to achieve great things in life without being afraid of failure. You will be ready to face your fears and overcome them almost effortlessly. Most importantly, you’ll finally be able to accomplish all those great things you once dreamed of.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • I’d say that the mindset of peak masculinity, and everything that stems from it, starts somatically. Get yourself in great shape and health, and do everything you can to up your T levels. Afterwards, everything, including pushing your limits, “smiling like you mean it,” goal setting, and so forth comes much more naturally on its own.

    • Had to look up somatically lol. But absolutely, take care of your health, combine right mindset, and you’re unstoppable. Health is the basis that makes getting your mind/spirit right so much easier.