How To Become An Alpha Male (Adam Seale)

How To Become An Alpha Male by Charles Sledge

This is another guest post by Adam Seale who runs a great blog over at The Vision where he writes about masculinity, culture, and about other thought crimes. In this post Adam goes over the process of becoming an alpha male. A journey that every man must take to make the most out of his life. Enjoy.

Today’s ‘matriarchal’ society had not left men any ways to embrace their masculinity. What they can do is try to make a way for it. I am not trying to give you long usual lessons on how to be an ‘alpha’. But here I will tell you what exactly will make you an alpha. This will be done by comparing an alpha from animal kingdom: Wolf. This animal has the closest analogy to that of ‘masculine social heirarchy’. Wolves too have alpha, beta and omega. There are a couple of things you need to work on.

Build Strength

Strength (both mental and bodily) are the key part of ‘dominating’. An alpha is the most dominant wolf or human in both hierarchies And that establishment of dominance is what makes people accept your leadership.

Building strength takes a considerable amount of hard work and discipline. Strength building is also a good way of controlling aggression, and hence your emotions. Your logical mind then takes over.

Another most important point to note is that strength depreciates when there is no use of it. Find a way to use it. Or all your strength and benefits that come from it will all go in vain.


An alpha wolf is also the one who leads the pack in hunt. And for that, he needs a considerable amount of genius. To build that wisdom you will need to read books. Another way is to experience. But in your whole life you cannot experience everything. And you certainly not have to endanger your life to experience dangerous things. So the best way is to read books.

What kind of books? This question matters most. Other than sometimes when you feel the ‘urge’ to read fiction, you should go for non fiction. Non fiction tells you really how stuff works. And you will gain intellect from these books.

Don’t rely on your textbooks from schools or universities. They are feminized and they only teach you to be submissive (feminine attribute). They are there to make you a mental corporate slave. They slay your creativity and even destroy your prior genius. Those textbooks are to be kept only for passing the course. If you try to learn something from them, you will only learn bullshit.


Its not just that only you will benefit from being an alpha. Your children and your spouse will also benefit from it. You will naturally assume dad role in the family. Your children will benefit from it. It is solely your choice about how you live your life.

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Charles Sledge