Be Like Dirk by Relampago Furioso Review

Review of Be Like Dirk by Ralmpago Furioso

Relampago Furioso is a popular writer for Return of Kings as well as runs his own great site at The New Modern Man. Relampago writes about the realities of our modern world and speaks truths about women and society that are much needed in today’s world. I often reference Relampago on this site and for good reason. Relampago is one of the best resources in the manosphere for men who want to better understand the world that they live in so they can act accordingly. In particular I find his insights on the relations between men and women or the sexes to be particularly illuminating. Though the rest of the is top quality as well.

Be Like Dirk is a collection of Relampago’s politically incorrect comic series that he runs on The New Modern Man. The comic book is about two men and a typically woman. The two men are Dirk and Jackson. Jackson is the typical beta male. Dutifully devoted to his wife, works a corporate job, checks all the right boxes, probably pro diversity and anti masculine. You know the average Western male. While Dirk is the alpha male who probably has read mine and Relampago’s sites more than a few times. Dirk is often banging Jackson’s wife along with a rotation of other woman. Jackson’s wife is just that, a typical woman. Prone to everything that women are. The comics highlight different aspects of red pill ideology in a creative and easy to digest form. Something needed. Art has a particular way of presenting truths and Relampago has done a great job with Be Like Dirk. Below are some particular highlights from the book.

The comics are set up with a one page explanation expounding upon what is in the comic followed by the comic itself.

Be Like Dirk, Episode 2

The Be Like Dirk series in the comics (from which the book gets it’s name) is about illustrating some timeless principles between the sexes. A primary example is the concept of alpha fucks, beta bucks. Put shortly meaning women want to get their rocks off with bad boys while some nice guy supports her. Whether through monetary investments, attention, or being her emotional tampon to name a few.

This scene opens up with Jackson’s (the beta) wife telling him she has a headache and doesn’t want sex. Women only get headaches for beta males. Trust me she is never too tired for sex, its that she doesn’t want sex. At least not with the guy (usually her husband) she is saying that too. The next day at work Dirk (the asshole) starts hitting on her by making rude remarks. She acts offended yet goes along with everything Dirk says. Until she’s finally back with him at the house banging.

Later she divorces Jackson because he doesn’t “buy her thing like he used to”. She says this despite Jackson having just bought her a brand new car for their anniversary. Obviously she could give a damn about him buying her stuff she is just sick of him, as buying her more stuff would sink him further in the hole. This being America Jackson’s wife is granted the house and car while Jackson be the dutiful hard worker that he is gets to live under the bridge. Meanwhile Dirk is driving the new car Jackson bought for his ex-wife while banging her. Ah, America.

Put simply it never has been better to be an alpha or worse to be a beta.

Government Check Dad

This installment highlights one of the ways in which the government screws over men when it comes to child support forcing them to pay for a child that often isn’t even theirs. Jackson goes on an expensive honeymoon with his wife to Africa (which he paid for of course). There while Jackson is out his wife hooks up with their safari guide. Meanwhile Jackson splurges on his wife while on the trip because all men have been conditioned to believe “she’s worth it”.

When they fly back home Jackson’s wife is disillusioned with reality and starts complaining to Jackson. She tells him she hates grocery shopping and he should do it, then she tells him that if they want to have kids they will need a bigger house. Jackson does what every beta male does in that situation and gives in to his wife’s insane demands. He goes to work, working harder than ever.

Meanwhile while Jackson is at working slaving away for his precious sweetheart she is banging Dirk who even feels bad about what he is doing. At work Jackson is told by his boss that he is lucky to have a job, even if it means working sixty hours for them while being paid for forty. Jackson’s wife after Jackson gets her everything she wants decides it would be funner to get a divorce and does so. Of course she is awarded everything, being an oppressed pregnant mother.

Later the child is born and who would have guessed it but it doesn’t look anything like Jackson but more like a certain safari guide yet nevertheless Jackson is forced to foot the bill. And women wonder why men have second thoughts about getting married. If this was just a comic not much would be thought of it, but it is a real event that occurs each and everyday and is only becoming more popular not less.

Cultural Differences

This one was based off a YouTube video Relampago saw where a bunch of Muslim men were calling an European reporter a slut for what she was wearing. While the reported feigned offense (don’t they always) she was in reality getting turned on by the men’s insults and the fact that these men actually had a pair of balls (especially compared to her colleagues).

This starts off at a coffeee shop with a castrated Western male telling Suze the woman that he thinks she is cute to which she responds with “Jerk” and a slap in the face. Being a neutered Western male the guy probably just accepted this instead of put the woman in her place. She is then talking with a lesbian friend about how awful men (read beta males) are to which her friend agrees and says she should date women.

Later the woman is walking down the street when a Muslim man tells her she is a slut for what she is wearing. She responds with indignation but gets turned on by the man actually having balls. Though calling the man a misogynist and other names the rest of the way, she ends up in bed with the man who then leaves her. She rationalizes it as well it isn’t his fault he doesn’t respect women as he is from a different culture. She scored social justice points and had a fun time with a bad boy. Double points for her. Of course is he was a Western male with balls she could rationalize it a million other ways as she does with Dirk.

Point is if you are alpha women will rationalize why they sleep with you. Also that by not having balls women will go to men who do.


Most of the highlights I pulled out here had to do with the relationships between men and women, as these were the ones that I found particularly interesting. However the comics also cover topics as the insanity of the modern corporate workplace, global warming, and overall government corruption. In addition to providing red pill truths about women and relationships. For five dollars this book is a steal.

Click here to purchase your copy of Be Like Dirk, so that you too can be like Dirk.

Charles Sledge