Basic Game & The Dangers Of PUA For Most Males

Basic Game & The Dangers Of PUA For Most Males by Charles Sledge

Picking up women is one of those things that can be just as complicated or simple as you want. I mean if you really wanted to you could go into all the biological reasons that women behave the way that they do, why they respond to what they respond to, and how this all best fits into a man’s life. There are books upon books written about that subject and if one wanted they could immerse themselves it in for weeks at a time and frankly come away with interesting and informative information that would improve their sex life, or mating strategy to use the scientific term.

However most guys just want to get their dicks wet a little more (or at all) and for that all this information is not required and as a matter of fact can simply clog up the process. If you’re a guy who just wants to have sex with more women and that’s it then this article is going to show you all that you need to know. It’s really not that complicated of a process nor is it hard. Chances are if it’s hard for you then you are focusing on the wrong things, which I will address here shortly. Remember getting laid is easy, stop making it so hard.


Alright first off let’s do some troubleshooting that I know will inevitably arise. You’ve probably heard about passive and active game. If not here’s the breakdown. Passive game is things like how your dress, your body language, how you speak, and what kind of shape your in. Active game is making eye contact, touching her, smiling at the right times, and acting the right way. Many who end up in failure after failure with women believe if they just spam approach woman after woman that they’re improving a skill when in reality they are just wasting their time.

If you’re a weak effeminate nerd (aka 99% of PUAs) then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You need to focus on gaining some muscle, dressing nice, and getting those T levels up. You need to be masculine and socially calibrated. This really isn’t that hard to do. So if you’re a guy who is focusing on simply approaching thinking you’re building a skill of some sort you’re really not. There is no merit in getting rejected 100 times simply to get rejected 100 times. And if it takes you talking to 50 women there is something wrong with you (that you can address and need too).

Look for the average guy even with no game 1 out of 10 women is going to sleep with him just because he’s a warm body and not a creep (unlike PUAs). Add in muscles, nicely dressed, socially calibrated (can read if a woman has no interest in them), and above all else masculine and that number is going to shoot up tremendously. It’ll never be 10 out of 10 just because but it can get above 5. PUAs will tell you this is impossible but that’s because they have deep issues and don’t know what they’re doing. Alright so you’re hitting the gym, dressing nice, not a social retard, and are masculine. These are all things you should be working on at all times. And remember sleeping with women is part of your life, not your life.

Approach & Escalate

It’s really pretty simple simply approach a woman and then escalate on her. Touch her more, make more eye contact, smile more and if she’s receptive then it’s on and just a matter of time and logistics to when you sleep together. See no fancy theories, no you gotta do X, Y, & Z or anything like that. Simple and too the point just how it should be. Remember to be socially calibrated and read her signals. If she’s obviously telling you to go away then go away don’t sit there and push and push when she doesn’t want it no matter what. I’m not saying to run away if she looks away for one second. Look just be socially calibrated and you’re good.

Understand social cues and when she’s playing with you and when she’s genuinely not interest. Don’t try to win over women who aren’t interested in you, it’s a waste of time. For those guys who really struggle with this first off remember don’t focus on approaching as many women as possible focus on working out, dressing nicer, be more socially calibrated, and being more masculine first and foremost. But then you may also want to look for women who smile at you or wave at you first before approaching them. As you work on yourself more and more women will do this.

The Truth

Look most guys who get into PUA type stuff really shouldn’t have sleeping with lots of women as their main priority. They’re just not at that level. Maybe this is you. Hey it’s fine most of us have been there at one point or another. Rather your focus should be on developing yourself, working through your issues, and maybe getting a girlfriend. Spam approaching tons of women when you have other issues that need to be addressed is not wise or advised. Look if you already got you’re shit together then go for it but otherwise you need to be focused on other things.

When I look at most guys who get into the PUA stuff they have other much more important issues they need to work out before concerning themselves with getting laid. They have health issues, mental issues, and other issues that need to be dealt with first before they can truly make the most out of cold approaching. Look once you have your shit together and are a masculine man then cold approaching and all hat is loads of fun, trust me. But before then focus on what’s important.

Focus on getting your shit together before anything else. Maybe get a girlfriend to deal with your sexual frustration. But work on building a life that you love and investing in yourself. Start with hitting the gym, dressing nice, getting your T levels up, work on your speech and body language, read tons of non-fiction on any weak areas you have (sales books are great for social calibration), and have your number one focus on building an overall healthy lifestyle not cold approaching 100 women so 1 will sleep with you.


So this started out as an article on the basics of game and morphed into the unhealthiness of PUA for the majority of males. Work on building your income, having a healthy body, building social skills, getting your T levels up, and expanding your mind in addition to sleeping with women. Honestly I would say the majority of guys that get into the PUA stuff hardcore are better off simply getting a girlfriend to take care of their sexual needs and then dedicating their time to improving themselves and ironing out any issues that need to be ironed out.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Haz

    Man lets speak real. Man to man. I love your blog. I love your style of writing and you are presenting some helpful and thought provoking ideas. All with nice dose of inspiration. Salute for that!

    But why, why would you do something like this?

    “It’ll never be 10 out of 10 just because but it can get above 5. ”

    You my friend aint helping no one (at the very least yourself) stating B.S. like that.

    And it is B.S. And you know it. And by the way I am not defending PUAs and their nonsense.

    But this is ridiculous… Man do you know what is considered good conversion for salesletter for cold traffic (and approaching women you dont know is equivalent of cold traffic).

    70% ? 50%? Maybe 20%?

    No. 1-2 % According to copywriting masters such as Dan Kennedy. Get 2% and you are winning. Get 5% and you are rolling in money. Get 10% and you are in Hall of Marketing Fame.

    And you are stating that you can get more than 5 women for every 10 you approach?

    Listen I am not arguing here. I am calling it B.S. because it is B.S.

    Only reason I write this is because I love your blog but man you are killing your reputation with lunacy like that.

    I dont care how masculine, alpha, muscular, socially savvy, charismatic or whatever you are (or anybody else) 5 of 10 wont cut it. Exceptions are fame and White man in some remote village in Southeast Asia.

    If you want to make such absurd claims you got to beck that shit up with something.

    If you say that you can bench press 2.000 pounds I call it B.S.

    But hey, nothing is impossible. So show it.

    In case of approaching women that would be easy. Get 20$ spy camera and start approaching. Prove me wrong. Yep prove me wrong. You can put that footage on youtube and show the whole world how it is done. You would skyrocket your blog with marketing prop like that. And I am not kidding by the way.

    Man I enjoy your writing and wish you all the best but you just cant be taken seriously with fantasy statements like that.


    I really hope you were drunk or high when you wrote that gibberish.

    And I dont want to sound mean but lets call it for what it is.


    • Hey Haz thanks for the feedback perhaps I worded that poorly. And as much as I write I’m sure that happens. I’ts been awhile since I wrote this but I’m not talking about cold approach. I’m talking more about just living your life and the women that come into it.

      So I don’t mean just running up to 10 random women on the street. I mean women who come into your life and are your age/type etc. Hope that makes sense and sorry for the confusion. So also there is screening that takes place before this. Not just 10 random women anywhere in the world at any time.

      Again appreciate the honest feedback. And lol while I never write high or drunk (don’t do drugs and don’t drink that much) I certainly have written tired before.

      • Haz

        Man I appreciate that you have taken critique without malice because I really like your writing style and your insights are (in almost all cases) to the point.

        But in light of your response I will chime some more things to think about (you as well as your readers).

        1) Cold approach is one of the most daring actions man in modern age can do.

        You can think of it as litmus test. Your whole being, ego, character is put on the line. Every fear that you didnt know you have will show its ugly head. Every excuse you couldnt think before will sound like words of God.

        Cold approach is THE moment of truth.

        In moment of cold approaching you are confronting your deepest fears as well as societal programming in its core.

        You just dont have permission from society as whole to do thing like approach women you dont know in the street. It is unwritten taboo and everybody (including you) knows and feels that.

        You are in the most literal and primal sense going against the stream of Matrix.

        Now if all this sounds too idealistic and dramatic well … just do some approaches in the street. And see for yourself.

        You are basically accessing your primal instinct for hunting in that moment of truth.

        Do you get what is unspoken message of that act?

        I want that (girl walking down the street) I take that!

        And everybody, no matter how effeminate, skinny, fat, awkward, inept etc. who assemble balls and willpower to go through 100 street cold approaches deserves respect no matter the results (getting laid or not).

        I personally know more than one man who would rather be in a bloody street fight than approach girl cold. Heck I know man who was in Iraq who wont approach girls cold.

        I suggest you put some thought in it. If you need something more to inspire you to contemplation … just do 100 approaches.

        Keep the good work

        All the Best