Always Be Willing To Walk Away

Always Be Willing To Walk Away by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy

It’s pathetic the lengths that the average male will go to to win the affections of (aka sex with) women. What’s even more pathetic is that their strategy all but guarantees that they will never be successful in their endeavors. Placating and appeasing women shows them without a shadow of a doubt that you are a weak man (you’re letting her a little ole woman knock you off your game and boss you around). I mean after all from an evolutionary standpoint how strong can you be if you can’t even stand up to a woman? Remember all of attraction stems from biological factors.

Which is why they test men. However most women go their whole lives without anyone ever calling them out on their bullshit (a great way to turn them on incidentally) and you end up with women who go from man to man or relationship to relationship getting angrier and more bitter because no one stands up to them and puts them in their place. They treat “men” like shit and then the “men” either stay with them or just take it not saying anything. I’ve seen men cheated on, talked down to, and ridiculed by girls they’ve been dating for a couple months and stick with it.

Raise You Attraction

For any kind of relationship to work between a man and woman attracted to each other the man has to be willing to walk away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one night stand, dating, or a marriage. The man must always be willing to walk away. When a man is always willing to walk away the woman knows that is strong and therefore she’ll want to screw him/stay with him. It’ll make her attracted to you and know that you are a high value man. As you have standards for yourself and aren’t weak. She knows that she can trust you to be a man which allows her to be a woman and also relate to you man to woman (that means sexually).

Imagine that every girl you met from afar looked like she had a wasp thin waist, a nice round booty, long pretty hair, and large breasts then as she got close to you and started talking to you her waist expanded, her breasts deflated, and her booty drooped. You’d lose attraction to her. Well that’s how it is with women. They see a guy think he might be attractive but then he acts like such a pussy all the attraction is dried up. Just like a woman who gets fat in a relationship. When you’re a man who doesn’t worship her and is willing to walk away from her is she annoys you it makes you stand out like a shiny gold nugget in a field of manure.

No Woman Is Worth Your Annoyance

Alright I want you to say it with me “No woman is worth my annoyance”. Have high standards and always, always, always be ready to “next” a girl. Even if you’re married you still need to be able to do this. Not saying to have a stable of mistresses nearby necessarily but rather have the ability to go out and get a girl instantly and always be willing to walk away from the one that you have. She needs to know that you’re not going to tolerate any bullshit from her and will put her in her place or replace her entirely if the need should arise. And she should also know that you are totally capable of doing this.

No woman is worth hurting and especially not ruining your quality of life. You only have so much time on this earth. Every moment of it should be spent in a productive way. Always be ready to walk away from any woman and next her. Don’t sit there and tolerate bullshit. Some women you’re better off calling out and they’ll snap into line however others aren’t even worth that. Remember no woman is worth your annoyance. Say it out loud with me again “No woman is worth my annoyance, I have too high of value for that”. Don’t put up with shit from a woman (or anyone really) call them out or replace them. But no matter what always be willing to walk away.

The Abundance Mindset

You need to have the abundance mindset when it comes to women (along with money and other things in life but that’s a topic for another time). You have to realize that women aren’t that special and in fact are a commodity with a very short shelf life that depreciates rapidly. As Relampago likes to say “Men age like fine wine, women age like milk” and it’s the truth. Also new women come to maturity every single last day of the year. It’s a renewable resource. You couldn’t sleep with all the beautiful women you wanted to even if you spent the rest of your life doing nothing but sleeping with beautiful women.

Think about that. Even if all you did for the rest of your life was sleep with beautiful women you still couldn’t sleep with them all. And there are “men” out there who value the shrew their with so much they won’t even leave her when she cheats, gets ugly, or is a bitch. Talk about pathetic. There are more quality women then any man could ever use. Women are not a scarce or a rare commodity, not even the good looking feminine ones much less the average ones. Stop overvaluing something that’s of such low value while undervaluing something that’s of immense value (yourself).


So no matter what always be ready to walk away from a woman. Nothing is worth your pride or honor. Don’t take shit from anyone especially a woman. Have pride in yourself and be a man. It doesn’t matter if you want to bang a different girl every night, date pretty girls while you work on your goals, or have a woman to raise a family with. No matter what this rule applies. Always be ready to walk away at a moment’s notice, you’ll never regret it and it leads to healthy proper interactions between you and women.

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