How To Always Have A Great Attitude

How To Always Have A Great Attitude by Charles Sledge

A great attitude is an absolute essential for any man. It is key to so much in life. While boys, children, and women may complain and whine about their circumstances and such, negative thought has no place in a man’s life. Attitude is one of the largest factors in where a man ends up in life. A man with a great attitude will end up will a great life and a man with a poor attitude will end up with a poor attitude. This doesn’t mean the be blissfully ignorant or to a Pollyanna outlook on life. It simple means you are positive. Which means you are both realistic yet always in good spirits. In the ancient times men could be in the midst of a raging storm or bloody battle and be in the best of spirits. You have no excuse.

Your default attitude is something has has accrued over time. Put simply your attitude is a habit. Most people have crappy attitudes because they have let themselves get that way over time. They have allowed others and general negativity to weigh down their spirit and therefore their progress in life. It is no secret that the majority of people have bad attitudes. But if you wanted to be in the majority you wouldn’t be reading this site. This site isn’t for normal people, it’s for people who want the most out of life. And to get the most out of life you must cultivate a great attitude.


This is so key. Smile all the damn time. At work smile, when passing an attractive women smile, when lined up in front of a firing squad smile, and maybe throw a little wink to your executioners as well. When you smile you are doing more than just moving some muscles around. You are releasing chemicals into your brain (good ones) as well as changing your attitude. It’s sort of like when you adopt more dominant body language you feel more dominant. The same is true when you smile. When you smile, even if it is forced you begin to feel better and happier.

This doesn’t have to be a giant goofy smile as that type of smile is not only a turnoff to women but makes you look weaker and submissive as well. But a simple well done smile. A smirk if you will. The point is to smile. It makes you feel better and will better your interactions with others. Everyday when you wake up force yourself to smile for five minutes straight. Then remind yourself periodically throughout the day. Eventually it will become your default habit. Smiling is the foundation to having a great attitude.


Your mind though much more complex than a computer has ways in which it resembles a computer (among other things). One of these ways it that it is programmable. You emotions and feelings stem from thoughts, so if you control your thoughts you can thereby control your feelings. Most of our thoughts run on loops and unfortunately most of them are negative loops. However all is not lost, we can change those loops to loops of positivity. One way to do this is through the use of affirmations.

Write down ten affirmations about being positive in the morning everyday. Read them out loud to yourself. Then as you go through you day recite them in your head. Having set times work best such as at lunch and then after dinner. Choose whatever works best for you as we all have different schedules, the point is that you do them. Affirmations will begin reprogramming your brain to make positive thoughts your default loop. So that you will have a habit of being in a good mood and have a habit of being positive. A key to living life to its fullest.


These two things will do more for producing a great attitude in you than just about anything else. Though not often talked about having a great attitude is an essential part of masculinity, attracting women, and life. Without the proper attitude you will not go far in life. Having a great attitude greases all the wheels of the workings of your brain. It allows for the uninhibited flow of ideas and interactions with others.

One other tip to maintain a great attitude is to stay away from negativity. Never whine or complain for one and if you ever see yourself getting down stop yourself in your tracks. Don’t let yourself go down that road. Instead redirect, remember you are the master of your mind.┬áTake control of it and guide it to a positive road. Keep doing so and soon being positive will be your default mental outlook. People will all want to be around you and you will have a better, more fulfilling life.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge