Why You Should Always Break The Rules

Why You Should Always Break The Rules by Charles Sledge

Since time immemorial mankind has been faced with a choice between two seemingly equally desirable states of being. On one hand you have safety or security and on the other you have freedom. Naturally women tended towards the safety and security side of things while tended towards the freedom side of things. This kept a little bit of balance while keeping things trending towards the freedom side of things without going off the edge. Now however mankind has thrown away freedom for the smallest of safety and security (which are illusions anyways). Wisdom has been replaced with mass delusion and foolishness of the highest order.

Mankind is a state of decline. But that is not what I’m writing about today. I simply wanted to illustrate a pull in man that has been there since the beginning. The wise have always known that safety and security are illusions and that most preaching safety and security do so only to tighten the noose around your neck and the chains around your ankles. Likewise the wise have always known that in freedom is greater risk and with that greater risk comes greater reward. A man can live and die by his own strength and ability rather than it be dictated to him by the slave master.

The Reason Rules Were Created

Which brings us to rules and why they were created in the first place. By rules I mean the path that has been lain out for you. Or put more accurately that has been engineered for you so that you never become a threat and will always remain a docile sheep who enjoys being fleeced. Rules were created to keep the masses in their pens and to condition them to enjoy what was being done to them. You see humans are nearly infinitely malleable. For example think of the most horrible thing you can think of. Let’s say killing your own child, let’s ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands of women kill their children every year and talk about you specifically.

You may think this is something that you’d never do. And yet given access to media, schools, government, as well as a little “hands on” brainwashing and within a couple year even the most sturdy of men can break. You see the human mind is the key to controlling him. Get a man’s mind and you can make him do anything…and I mean anything. Even wipe out his own existence going against every biologically designed imperative to do otherwise. Now granted this has to be kept up and done repeatedly otherwise the brainwashing may lose it’s effect and the man may see clearly for a moment or two. And that could lead to trouble for the brainwasher.

Break Free Or Stay A Slave

But that’s a bunch of theoretical talk what’s the point of all of this? Here’s the point. Understand that every rule that has been placed on you since you were born was not put there for your benefit but more often put there for your detriment. Play by the rules, turn the other cheek, kindness will get you far, it’s always the man’s fault, college is a smart option, getting married is a great idea, voting makes a difference, be a good boy, be nice to everybody, debt is natural and healthy, and so on and so forth. Going along with the programming ensures that you’ll end up screwed and what’s worse that you may actually like it.

Putting yourself first, becoming an entrepreneur, stay a happy bachelor hooking up with 20 year olds well into his forties, reading good books, having a healthy family that doesn’t watch TV, homeschooling, having high testosterone, having a pair of balls between your legs. This all represent breaking the rules in some way, shape, or form. And these are all things that benefit the average man greatly. Be a rule breaker, the rules are created for your enslavement anyways. This applies to all facets of life, from business to relations with others to your own self-development.

Break Rules, Not Laws

Now when I say break rules I mean rules i.e. things that are expected but not a requirement. For example it’s expected for you to go to college, believe in shit like “toxic masculinity” and generally be a brainwashed low T coward complicit in whatever is decided to be done unto him. But it’s not a law. A law is not killing people, not stealing from the local store, and not punching someone in the face because you don’t like the way they look. Don’t break the laws. Now however we have a conundrum. What happens when the country that you live in starts making the rules into laws?

What happens when it’s mandated that you must marry a woman regardless of her past if that’s what she wants, if it’s mandated that you undergo castration, if it’s mandated that you must work extra hours for the sins of being a man or of a certain race? Then what? Obviously no man in his right mind would follow such laws. Then it’s time to leave and that is another reason why in today’s day and age a man must absolutely have financial freedom to leave his decaying decrepit country the second he has to.

You should never have a loyalty to a country that wants to destroy you, leave it and let it rot. Let others reap what they sow instead of trying to save everyone because of your own misguided purposes (mostly there from brainwashing). Trying to throw buckets of water off the Titanic would only ensure you drowned. Instead get the hell off the ship and let it go down. You can’t save a country, sorry. But what you can do is save yourself. And that’s what’s important.


I know in an ideal world a man wouldn’t be faced with such situations but we live in anything but an ideal world. But you shouldn’t be focused on the world, you’ll always go insane doing that. You should focus on yourself, your family, and that which immediately surrounds you. Watch your own back, help where you can, but don’t get caught up in something that’s just going to drag you down. Remember when a big ship sinks it pulls down things around it. You want to not only be off the ship when it goes down but far enough way that you won’t be sucked down with it. Following the rules ensures you’ll be in the bows of the ship manning it while everyone else who has taken advantage of you gets on the lifeboats. Not an ideal situation.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Old Goat

    Another excellent article. There are still many ways left to work against the system without bringing unnecessary legal trouble to yourself. Knowing the difference between what you must do and what others expect you to do is liberating.

    • Thanks, absolutely. Stay within the law but don’t follow soceities path that’s lain out for you. And it’s one of the most liberating feelings ever.

  • Johnny Grube

    Good one! My mind has been warped since I was a kid, tough to steer
    someone’s mind when they really and truly don’t care what others think about them. I have never followed the path of the masses.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. And very smart, the masses are always being pied piper off one cliff or another.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    read this somewhere, very powerful: “Hard times create hard men who create comfortable times which creates weak men.

    Men aren’t challenged the way that they used to be and for the first time in human existence men have the luxury of “coasting” and just getting by.

    Back in the “old days” if you weren’t strong, tough, and resilient, you and your family died.

    Today, you don’t HAVE to be or do much of anything to live a comfortable life and it’s been the downfall of the modern man.”

    • Wise words, comfort certainly kills. But also remember this is describing the majority. In every day and age there are those that have risen above. In comfortable times there have been men who rival anything produced during hard times. They are few and far inbetween but they are there. Ultimately it’s always up to the individual.