Age Is No Limit

Age Is No Limit by Charles Sledge

For what you might ask. Well for anything. When people use their age as a reason they cannot do something, ninety nine times out of one hundred it is an excuse. I see people with this mentality all the time thirty five years old saying they can’t do this or that because their “too old”. Things like work out, go on an adventure, start a business, attract a hot partner, or whatever. People are giving up on their lives at earlier and earlier ages.

I don’t know about you but I’ll still be drinking whiskey and raising hell until they put me in the grave. I’ll never let my age be a limit of what I can or cannot do in this life. I’m not saying age doesn’t matter because it does but it is not nearly as limiting as people make it out to be. There are people both older and younger than you doing whatever it is that you want to be doing. Age is no excuse to not live the life you want. You’re too old to get in shape bullshit, the truth is you’re too lazy. You’re too young to start a business bullshit, you’re scared. Using excuses prevents the underlying reasons for not having the life you want from ever being fixed.

I’m Too Young

I’ll start with those who believe their youth is a liability. They think I’m young I don’t know anything and therefore no one will listen to me. This is wrong. If you are intelligent and wise people will listen to you regardless of your age. Most old people hold on to experience as the holy grail because they have nothing else to offer. They think running headfirst into a wall ten times before walking around it makes them better than the person who read about going around the wall and did it the first time. Old age does not equal wisdom, look around you most old men are fools, most people are fools. Do not let them convince you otherwise because they have seniority over you.

Remember it was young David who slew the fierce giant. Because David had balls and the belief that he could do it. He didn’t bow to others because of their age, he knew who he was and went out and took his destiny by the balls. That is what you should do. Reading books and learning from sites like this is going to put you ahead of ninety nine percent of males out there of any age. Just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean anything. You could be smarter, wiser, and whatever else. Many will use their age to bully you or boss you around, tell em to go to hell, you walk your own way and follow your own path.

I’m Too Old

Another excuse. I see many men who give up around the age of thirty. God knows why as in societies before men fought hard until they died. They let themselves go and become “comfortable” a death knell for masculinity. I see this excuse for people who are out of shape and who use it an excuse for their laziness. They accept a low level of life not because they truly believe that it’s all they can achieve but it is easiest to believe that. Look I’m not saying age doesn’t have an effect it does, but it is up to you to fight against it.

Let’s use women as an example. Look at your average forty year old woman, she is incredibly unhealthy and resembled a blob or stick more than a human. She’ll say this is because of her age, or kids, or this, or that. But the truth of the matter is that there are women her age who have perfect measurements and are wanted by men of all ages all over the world. It’s an excuse, not reality. Or the old guy who wants younger women yet never believes he could date them without a sugar daddy relationship. Again bullshit. If this offends you or pisses you off then this isn’t the site for you. This is a site for winner not whiners.

The Point Of This Article

The point of this article is that you age is no limit and if you use it as such you are limiting your life and development. Stop limiting yourself. Whether your young or old, male or female, your age is not the limit that you think it is. Never let it limit you. Society will tell you that at age sixty five your life is essentially over, or that once you have kids your life is over, or that once you get married your life is over. It’s all bullshit designed to make you weak and complacent. It’s never over. Even when you go into the ground that is simply the beginning of another journey.

Do not go gently ever at any time. Whenever you hear a boy say that he can’t start a business as he’s twenty and needs to fail for ten years before he can do anything you’ll know it’s nothing but an excuse. Whenever you hear an old man complain that he can’t date younger women because he’s not a millionaire, again nothing but an excuse. Or when you hear a middle aged women explain not having an attractive body because of her age, again an excuse.

Look if you want it bad enough you’ll get it. If you have the fight you can get it. I’m not saying you have to do any of those things because everyone is different and unique those are just common ones I hear. The point is never let your age be a limit because it isn’t one. You can still be fierce when old and you can be wise when young and if done properly you can be both your entire life. It is your choice as your life is your choice. No excuses, now go and conquer.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge