We live in a world, a universe of abundance. There is plenty for everyone. Now this isn’t some screed against people who are successful or have money, as a matter of fact it is the opposite. We live in a world of abundance. Meaning that if you do not have what you want it is your own fault.

Many complain there’s not enough money for them to make it because the rich hog it all. Bullshit. Others complain that they can’t live the life they want because of their upbringing, situation in life, family, significant other, friends, or whatever. And it’s all bullshit.

The only reason is because you haven’t done what it necessary to achieve what you want.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I’ve stated before that most peoples problem is not that their dreams are too big or lofty but that their dreams are too small.┬áThere are more beautiful women in this world than you could ever sleep with. There is more money in this world than you can make. There is more joy to be had in this world than you can ever feel. There is more than you could ever want or desire. We live in a universe of abundance.

Think about it there is more anything than you could ever want. Not to mention that the human mind is always capable of creating more. Look at what factories and the assembly line did to manufacturing or how the internet has revolutionized the world of knowledge. At one point in time having a book was something that was very rare and generally kept away from the general public. Now knowledge has been spread throughout the world. Now we have access to more knowledge than the greatest scholars of ancient Babylon, Renaissance Italy, or hell even of fifty years ago.

So if this is the case then why are people not living the lives of their dreams?

The Problem

Your mind creates your reality. Your thoughts produce your destiny. Most people have limited thoughts they were raised that there is very limited resources and that each resource should be held on too with all their might. They were taught to not take chances, to play it safe, to blend in, and keep their mouths shut. They were taught that getting rich meant you cheated people. That you should be content with what you get no matter how much it sucked because somewhere on the Earth someone has it worse.

That to enjoy life or even worse to succeed in life was a sin. That to do anything other than keep your head down and plow mindlessly ahead was wrong. That to change that status quo or God forbid innovate was the work of evil. This mindset infects the vast majority of people. No matter the culture, the race, or the time period. This thinking pattern has been the dominant thinking pattern of humans since the beginning of time.


To tap into this universe of abundance you must change your mindset to one that believes you are worthy of success and that to achieve success is good. Riches are not evil. Getting your way in life and rising above the crowd is not evil. Despite society saying otherwise. Just because you get yours does not mean that you take from others.

As a matter of fact business and acquiring riches works in the opposite way. You acquire riches through helping others, through giving value to others. Through making their life easier or better in some way, shape, or form. You grow your business because people like what you did for them and then tell others so that they may also benefit from your work. Scammers don’t last very long, despite what people would have you believe. Ever notice that people who complain that all rich people are evil or scammers don’t seem to have any business or financial sense and are generally dead broke.

While competition is a very real and very true part of the world, people often misunderstand it. People generally fall into two errors. The first is that every time they gain something it means someone else loses. The other is that to get ahead we must fight and claw over everyone in our way, making ourselves combative to everyone around us. These are both wrong mindsets and will keep you from acquriign what it is you want.

For example when someone reads my blog and noticed a new reader that usually commented on a site of someone else in his niche has begun commenting on his work. Someone in error would think either “Ha I took a reader away from Blog X, I’m winning!” or “Oh no I took a reader away from Blog X and he’s a good guy!”. Both are wrong. In this case cooperation is the name of the game. Personally I look at other bloggers in my niche not as competition but as brothers in arms as comrades. Working together we can make 1 + 1 = 3.

Compete with yourself, cooperate with others who give you value, and ignore the rest. A bit simplified but a good starting point. Remember everything you have every wanted is out there and more. Your gain does not mean a loss for someone else but more often means a gain for them as well. When someone buys The Primer that is not just a gain for me but a gain for them as well. Them in knowledge and me in revenue.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge