A Method To Writing Better Copy In Only A Few Hours

A Method To Writing Better Copy In Only A Few Hours by Charles Sledge

Being good at copywriting and sales are two of the most important skills that you can learn in relation to making money. Making money is an essential skill for every man as making money ties into a man’s capacity for freedom. Put simply the more money a man has made in the right ways the more freedom he has the capacity for. Live frugally and set up a few niche websites and you could pay all your bills if you do it right. When you have the ability to sell you will never be poor. Selling is essential. Learning the basics of sales is a must for every man.

Copywriting is the act of writing words with the intent to sell. Writings sales pages, opt in forms, or anything of that nature. You are writing to convince someone to take a certain action that will benefit them. For someone who wants to generate enough passive income to live off of it is the most important skill that one can learn. It is even more important than having a great product when it comes to overall success. This may be unfortunate but it is the truth and on this website there is only one thing I am concerned with and that’s the truth. If no one knows about your product it isn’t going to matter how great it is.

Write Your Own Ads

There are many principles of good copy that must be followed to be a good copywriter who makes lots of money with his copy. It is good to pick up a few good books on copywriting to get the basics down. But then like reading about game you must practice those concepts for them to truly sink in and be worth anything. So you may think alright then I’ll write an ad for the product I’m selling. Truthfully that may not be your best choice, especially if you’re just starting out. You should probably outsource that to someone at first.

But here is something that you can do. Write ads for other peoples products. Pick something it could be a book, someone’s program, a product like a vacuum. Whatever, it doesn’t matter just pick something. Something in your niche will probably be better because you will have similar markets. Now look at the product and imagine that it was your product that you were going to sell. Make an ad for it using the principles that you learned from good copywriting books. Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman has a step by step guide for laying out your ad in the back of the book, you can use that to start.

Copy Ads From Others

Here is another method to use to improve your copywriting. Remember without practice you are not going to improve as a copywriter no matter how many books you read. Although reading plays a key part as well. Read then practice then read some more. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Now with this method you make sure that you are copying quality ads that have a high return. In fact there are entire sites that send you well written ads which you copy each month. Eventually you just know what makes a good ad. But instead of paying for a month service you can go out and find ads of your own in your niche.

Here are two that I have been writing one of for RSD Julien’s PIMP product which is one of their more popular items and 60 Years Of Challenge’s book. These are both in my niche and products that with a bit more capital I may invest in one day. Of course writing the ads multiple times have sold me a bit on the product as well. I have not used either product as of the current date so the links are so you can see the product, not because I recommend it (though if I ever do I will let you know in the future).


Practice makes perfect. Pick an ad that you like and is in your niche and write it five times. Then pick another and do the same. Overtime you will develop a intuitive sense of good copy. I would also recommend picking famous ads that have done incredibly well and write them in addition to the niche writing. For example the famous Blu Blocker Ad that was written by Joseph Sugarman and net him millions. Knowing copywriting and sales (which are essentially the same thing but in different formats) is the number one way to make money.

Learn sales and money will never be an issue, ever. When it comes to career skill if I had the choice to be a great salesman or a doctor I would pick the salesman every time. Don’t forget to write ads of your own for other people’s product as well. Switch back and forth, you’ll find that after copying the successful ads of others that your own copywriting skills will improve every time.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge