A Man & His Pride

A Man & His Pride by Charles Sledge

Never underestimate the power of a man’s pride. We have been brainwashed into thinking that pride is evil, that pride is a bad thing, but the truth of the matter our pride is one of the most precious things that we posess. A man without pride is no man but rather a slave. It is pride that causes a man to take a stand even when the odds are against him. It is pride that inspires a man to do great deeds and fight against unbeatable odds. It is pride that makes a man hold his head high in a world that is determined to beat him to the ground and keep him there.

Pride is precious, pride is good, pride is strength, pride is one of the most important thing that a man has. Give it all up. Money, power, even life itself but there is one thing a man should always keep and that is his pride. You’ll be told this makes you a bad person and that “pride goes before a fall” or some other nonsense. Hubris goes before a fall, not pride. No pride is what causes a man to rise and ascend higher than the level of the average man and into greatness.

The Tie Between Pride & Honor

There is an unbreakable tie between a man’s pride and his honor. One cannot lose one without the other. They are joined at the hip. A prideless man will also be an honorless man and likewise an honorless man will always be a prideless man. Cultivate pride in yourself and who you are and the honor follows. I’m not talking about the degenerate “pride” that the mainstream world would have you believe is actual pride. I’m talking about the pride that a citizen had in his country, a soldier in his unit, and above all else that a man has within himself. Pride that makes us strive to be better, to get stronger, and fight harder.

Which is why they are trying to breed pride out of us. Without true pride we’ll be slaves and enjoy it. We’ll be content with our lot in life. We’ll be souless zombies without any fight, spirit, or fire in our veins. Pride shields against such a fate. Pride makes getting stepped us burn us to the core and cause us to rise up and fight, even if the odds are against us. If not especially when the odds are against us. Pride is a beautiful thing and a gift. It’s an essential part of a man’s soul.

Take Pride In What You Do & Who You Are

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t be proud of your heritage or ancestors because you didn’t do anything to be what you are. But that is complete bullshit. A man should have pride in every single last level of his being from his heritage to how he carries himself day by day. He should take pride in his heritage, in his work, and above all else in himself and who he is. One of the greatest compliments you can get is that you are a proud man. Sure it may be said as an insult (but an insult coming from the sheep is a compliment from men) but you’ll know the truth of the matter. You’ll know what it really means.

When you look back through history it was pride that inspired the greatest deeds that echo in eternity. It wasn’t love, it wasn’t “goodness” (whatever the hell that means), it was and is pride that inspires the greatest in a man. Those that are not proud can be controlled by money, threats, or convience but the proud man cannot be controlled by any of those things because his pride won’t allow him to be. He’d rather die with his head held high, proud, than to be corrupted and lose the pride he has in himself.


Greed may or may not be good. Love is temporary. But pride…I know this to be a good and to be the greatest motivation for making one’s mark on eternity. Never trust a man without true pride. Be proud and stand strong. You will gain great strength from the pride you have for yourself and who you are. This is different from hubris and what the mainstream calls “pride”. This is an ancient and good that is given to man to accomplish great things. They may take everything from you but make sure they never take the one thing they can’t…your pride.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    A man who takes from others, who feel entitled to others hard work
    are pride less men!

  • Iván Kugelmas

    Hey charles, from the post “the best way to end a fight….”…i m a musician you know…i have tiny caucasian hands who are smooth and bland ( with a purpouse)…the thing is this hands get me food on my mouth, but at the same time i m on my way to getting deadlier and stronger.You must have strong knucles so…they make your hand slow??Do you have agility in your hands??Cause i want for sure to become deadlier but i dont want to fuck up one of the best things i have on my life…my natural ability and agility with my hands at playing music.

    • Hey Ivan. Lol some of the biggest hands I’ve seen have been on caucasians. And hand speed is something that is largely determined by genetics. And no knuckle strength won’t have any impact on hand speed. I have relatively quick hands, nothing compared to a pro but above average.

      Don’t worry about messing up your musical talent. The only threat of that would be if you broke or mangled something and that would come from improper form. But hand strength and toughness should not impede on your musical ability. Now I don’t play instruments so take what I say with a grain of salt as I don’t know the finer points but from what I would figure it wouldn’t have an impact.

      • Iván Kugelmas

        Thanks for the reply i appreciate it…i will go deep on this subject.