7 Traits That Make You Irresistible To Women

7 Traits That Make Your Irresistible To Women by Charles Sledge

This post was heavily inspired by Jon Anthony’s spectacular post “Why Women Don’t Give A Shit About Looks” and is well worth a read along with everything else over at Masculine Development. A site that is quickly becoming one of my favorite masculine self-development sites. Now with that being said below I am going to outline seven traits that will make you irresistible to women on a primal level. Meaning these traits make women want to fuck you to put it bluntly. They turn on a woman’s primal desire, you’ve probably heard that attraction isn’t a choice and it’s true. When you embody these traits women will be attracted to you on a deep level.

Women no matter if they are Christian virgins, man hating Feminists, or anything in between all share the same biology. This is what is meant by AWALT not that all women are evil sluts as many MGTOW and others interpret this to mean but simply that women all share a same biology and therefore share similar behavior patterns. A woman could say she hates strong decisive men but it’d be complete bullshit just like I could say I hate blond girls with great asses. I can say whatever the hell I want it isn’t going to change reality. Women are hardwired to respond to the traits below as well as they make up a good portion of we call “masculine” and as we know if you are a masculine man picking up women will be the least of your issues (though managing them might be). So let’s get started.

Irresistible Trait #1 – Confidence

Yeah it’s cliche but it’s also true. No doubt you have heard before that confidence is the key to getting women. Well it certainly plays a huge role. I don’t think this first trait is going to shock anyone but nevertheless it is very important and should not be forgotten. So how does one go about embodying confidence? Well I would argue that confidence is in fact a natural state. Meaning it’s more about taking something away than doing something more (I’ll clear up what this means in a moment). Look at any child as confident as can be, he struts around facing down anything that comes his way.

What causes someone to be confident? I would say the key factor is lack of doubt in himself. I have told you before to never doubt yourself because when you doubt yourself you screw up your self-image and get stuck in negative loops. Your thoughts create your reality this doesn’t change just because your picking up girls instead of trying to get yourself in a good mood. Your thoughts affect every single last area of your life. Attraction is no exception. It’s as simple as this doubt yourself and you will have low confidence, never doubt yourself and you will have high confidence. Learn to nip doubting thoughts in the bud and strike them down before they have a chance to grow and realize there is no advantage to doubting yourself. Have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Irresistible Trait #2 – Dominance

I’ve actually written an entire article about this before. But it bears repeating. Attractive men (which really just means masculine men) are dominant. Masculine men are natural leaders. They take the front in situations and are always in the first wave. They do not defer to others except in situations when someone else is an obvious expert. For example going to a CPA for your taxes and contradicting everything he says makes you an idiot not dominant. There is a difference between being dominant and being domineering.

Being domineering like being arrogant stems from weakness whereas being dominant like being confident stems from strength (inner strength). Women have a natural desire to submit a desire that is rarely fulfilled in today’s backwards world. Women are desperate to find an energy that they can submit to, a masculine energy. When you have this innate power women can sense it and it drives them wild.

Irresistible Trait #3 – Boldness

Women get wet for bold men. This is why those “Who lies more men or women?” indirect pussies never get laid. Where the man who shows his naked desire for a woman has to beat them off with a stick (it’s an expression). Women want men to be straightforward with them about their desire for them. All women have a deep need to be desired. They want to be wanted. It validates them, makes them feel good, and turns them on. The man who has the balls to be forward and honest about this is highly desired by women.

The man who is ashamed of his desires and seeks to hide them (think the classic nice guy) turns women off because one he is a pussy and two he is a dishonest pussy. A coward isn’t a man. Be straghtfoward with your desires. Look you’re a man she’s not stupid she knows if she’s good looking you want to bend her over and turn her inside out. Be truthful and forward about that. Note: I’m not saying go over to a woman and say “I want to bend you over and turn you inside out” (for legal reasons) I’m saying don’t hide your desire or why you are talking to her. Be straightforward, be bold, be a man.

Irresistible Trait #4 – Unapologeticness

Not a word but you get what I’m saying. This is another topic I’ve written an entire article about. You’ll notice that these traits correlate exactly with what being a man is all about. It’s as simple as this really being masculine equals being attractive to a woman. This stems back to evolutionary biology (a topic I would highly recommend you pick up a few books on). Essentially what it boils down to is traits that make you more likely to survive in the wilds of prehistory are the same traits that both make you a man and get women’s panties wet.

Stop apologizing. I guran-fricken-tee that you are apologizing too much. It’s a sickness that has spread throughout our society. Males are told to apologize for their race, being male, having balls, breathing, etc. Well there is a great well to stop all of this. Stop caring what a bunch of limp wristed pussies and an elite that wants you dead thinks. Seriously imagine if in war an army listened to everything it’s enemy told them to do, it’s the exact same thing men do when they listen to our society. Take a stand, have some balls, and never apologize for it. Put yourself first.

Irresistible Trait #5 – Decisiveness

My favorite quote is by General Patton it’s “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way”. I cannot stand indecisive people, especially men (or more accurately males). I can only imagine how much it drives women crazy when they want their man (I mean male) to make a decision and he’s going back and forth like a little girl or even worse deferring to her. You are the man, you lead, you make the decisions. Get this in your head. Women want to be lead and as a matter of fact one of the things that they find sexiest is when you lead them.

You take charge and you take control. The man must lead the interaction. Be decisive. Make quick decisions and then stick with them. Another great quote by the famous general goes “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”. Make decisions then stick with them. Take the lead of all interactions that you are in. You must be the decision maker. You are the captain, you are the king. Understand this frame.

Irresistible Trait #6 – A Positive Mindset

I gurantee that this is not one you’ve heard before (at least in regards to attracting women). Now I know what you’re thinking how the hell is positivity attractive to women and I’ll explain. First off let me explain what positivity is not. It’s not that Pollyanna bullshit spewed by corporate yuppies at their make work seminar jobs. The kind that men who have lived lives in reality laugh at. No, the dumb HR lady talking about smiling or some stupid crap is not what I’m talking about her. Rather I’m talking about something deeper and more primal. The attitude that made men laugh at death and embrace an unknown fate with open arms. The devil may care attitude. Combined with something else.

That something else is positive expectations. Women are reactive by nature. Meaning that approach a woman with a positive expectation (she’ll like me and want me) and she’ll most likely do that. Approach her with the thoughts of women (I don’t have x, y, or z so she won’t like me) and she probably won’t like you. Not because you didn’t have x, y, or z but rather the thought patterns you displayed. Expect a positive outcome and have a positive attitude and women will reflect this back to you.

Irresistible Trait #7 – Never Put Her First

A woman never wants to be first in a man’s life. First starters the man himself should always be first in his own life. His mission (whatever it may be at the time) should also always come before whatever women/woman is in his life. Doesn’t matter if it’s the loyal feminine mother of his children or the blond he has a quickie with at lunch time. She never comes first. Let me repeat that she never comes first. Go ahead and say that out loud three or four times. To live a fulfilling life you must find your mission and make that your ultimate goal. It’s different for every man so I can’t offer you much more than that.

What I do know is that any man who puts his women above himself or his mission always ends up failing in life not to mentioned resented by his women. If you’re woman is the biggest thing in your life she will eventually gravitate towards a man who doesn’t put her first (if she’s attractive) or hate and resent you and make you life a general hell (if she isn’t attractive). Never put a woman first in your life. You come first, then your mission, after that it’s up to you how you arrange your life. Point is your woman never is first (or second for that matter). At best third and even then that’s kinda high. Remember she never comes first.


Alright so we’ve covered a hell of a lot of ground in this article which is my longest to date. If I was smarter I’d turn this into a free report or a mini e-book but lucky for you I can be lazy from time to time. So now you have the road map to being irresistible to women. Or at least the general idea. Now if you read this and you think “What on earth do I do now” if you want a step by step solution than pick up The Primer. It’ll give you all that you need to embody all of the traits above and more. Also be sure to check out Jon Anthony at Masculine Development for some prime self-development resources.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it. You can follow me on Twitter here.

-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Thanks for the shout out, man. Great post – keep up the good work 🙂

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    ya one thing i’ve noticed for a couple of years now, it seems that a mans attitude, mentality, way of thinking, has a bigger impact on his attractiveness more than the other way around, much bigger impact

    • Very true

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        this is a response i got from somewhere about leading, taking the lead, “You need to be a man who leads. Not just to have a successful dating life, but to have a successful and fulfilling life in general.” Specifically how does it help a guy, benefit a guy in other areas of his life? as in having a successful and fulfilling life, well i’m sure you can tell obviously i’m not a natural leader, thats why i’m asking, but i’m sure that comes from the part of guys having to be initiated into manhood, while girls naturally just biologically blossom into womanhood without doing anything at all, love how you said that in your post about how weakness has no part in a mans life, but anyway, refer to the question

        • You can’t rely on anyone else. 99% of people are dumb asses who can barely tie their shoes right. And the other 1% is busy. If you want anything in this life of worth you must go get it yourself.