6 Hacks For Relaxing After A Hard Day At Work

6 Hacks For Relaxing After A Hard Day At Work by Charles Sledge

This is Luke Douglas’s weekly health column. Luke runs the blog Ripped.me where he writes about training equipment, nutrtion, and fitness. Each week Luke is going to write about a new subject in the fitness field. This week Luke talks about different ways to relax after a stressful day at work. Can’t say I agree with all of them but different things work for different people. Enjoy.

The day was long and strenuous. You’ve opened your to-do list for the day and can’t believe how you’ve managed to cram everything into a day’s work, but your work days sometimes last for up to 12 hours. There was a lot to deal with, but the day went fast. Now, it’s time to de-stress, ease out of your work mode, and recover in the comfort of your home.

What exactly can you do to unwind and relax? There are certain life hacks and activities you can do to help calm yourself down and lessen the stress. Remember that whatever you do, you should dedicate that time to yourself.

1. Jump out of your work attire

Get out of your uniform or suit as soon as you get home. You shouldn’t stay in your work apparel when you get home – jump into something more comfortable, such as a jumper and track pants, or a nightshirt and underwear. It’s your “chill out” clothes that get your mind to slip into a relaxed state as well. Comfort is the main aim, so it doesn’t have to be fashionable (you’re home alone, no one knows or cares). We all have our favorite house outfit that can make us feel better, even if just slightly.

2. Take a shower or bath

Taking a shower or bath is a great way to feel refreshed. If you have a tub and like to bathe, fill your tub with hot water, and lie down for 20 minutes. You can also add some Epsom bath salt, which contains magnesium sulfate that is absorbed through the skin. That is necessary to keep our bodies running smoothly and for reducing soreness. If you don’t have a tub, take a long shower instead.

3. Invite a friend

Some people wouldn’t like to socialize after a long work day. However, a good friend can definitely take your mind off work. Just, make sure you don’t talk about it all night, because it would obviously be counterproductive. Do something fun, listen to music, watch a show, and have a cup of tea. Your friend is probably tired as well, so don’t try to do everything at once. After a long day of unsocial work, being social helps a lot.

4. A spliff a day keeps the evil away

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5. Do something you really enjoy

After a long day of working and getting things done for your team, you should do something that you want to do. Cook a healthy superfood meal, paint, play a video game, play your guitar, or watch a movie that’s been on your to-watch list for some time. It will definitely improve your mood. Find a TV show that allows you to switch your brain off for an hour or two and recover.

6. Go to bed early

After you’ve spent some quality time alone or with friends, had a nice meal, and a hot bath – it’s time to go to sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial if you’re planning on being productive the next day and you need to have the energy if you’re doing something fun after work. Make your bedroom comfortable, turn off every piece of electronics around you, put your phone away, and set off into a restful, good night’s sleep.

These are just some ideas for unwinding and relaxing after a day of hard work. You can get outside for a run, get a drink or two, listen to music, or read a book. Whatever gets you to take your mind off work. Try your best to blow off some steam, and you’ll be as good as new in the morning, ready to win again.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Thomas

    Great article. The construction industry can be physically demanding and anything I can do to relax after in order to kill it the next day is important.