6 Disastrous Outcomes Of Watching Pornography (Path Of Spartans)

6 Disastrous Outcomes Of Watching Pornography (Path Of Spartans) by Charles Sledge.com

This post was written by Taylor Benson, owner of The Path Of Spartans. Taylor is an Englishman who writes about the importance of strength and discipline in a man’s life and how those two virtues can lead a man to achieving greatness and freedom. You can follow his shenanigans on Instagram and twitter. Enjoy.

It is only when you haven’t viewed pornography in months that you see the incredible effects it has on your way of thinking regarding sex and women. Some people suggest that pornography encourages sexual violence and rape but i certainly think it promotes the opposite. It is a tool to mentally castrate a man, not turn him into a savage raping beast.

Some of these effects are only subtle but they slowly open you up to more degenerate ways of thinking.

1. You will develop a preference for barely dressed women over well dressed women.

Watching videos of sluts having sex on a daily basis can make you favour the same thing in real life. The almost non-existent outfits favoured by pornstars become your definition of how a lady should be dressing. The well dressed girl that would rather make you imagine what is underneath her clothing will get less looks from the perpetual porn viewer than her slutty best friend with half of her arse hanging out of her shorts.

2. The promotion of non reproductive acts.

Pornography whether subtly or overtly pushes the idea of things like lesbianism, anal sex, swallowing bodily fluids and other strange acts i won’t mention incase somebody is in the middle of their lunch. I am not a prude, i don’t think these acts will condemn you to hell. I do think that allowing these things to become normal in your mind is unhealthy and will lead to further degeneracy. Sex is a reproductive act as well as a pair bonding experience and it should remain that way the majority of the time.

3. The promotion of niche sexualities.

This is similar to the last point. Niche sexualities are things that without pornography the majority of people would probably never have thought to carry out. Things like pursuing older women (cougars) for sex, interracial sex, group sex and swinging/cuckoldry. All of these things went on well before the invention of pornography but the billions of views that porn sites get every year push these niche sexual behaviours out into the mainstream.

4. Pathetic erections unless it is in front of a screen.

On demand virtual sluts make you feel like a Caliph with his harem. You can select all the girls you want for your harem and make them perform whatever sexaul acts you can think of, anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Your primitive brain believes your are an alpha male breeding machine but the next time you are in front of a real woman and she isn’t behaving like one of the girls from your ‘harem’, you might not be that into it. It is like the girls from your virtual harem got jealous and performed a virtual castration on you. Luckily virtual castrations are reversible if you take a step back from viewing pornography.

5. The loss of your assertive will.

Masturabating to pornography is a mentally draining and a mentally damaging process. After a ‘binge’ you will feel at least one of the following: lethargic, ashamed, timid, weak willed, pathetic or the worst one of all, no different.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful driving forces for men. Indirectly sexual energy has led to the creation of billionaires, rugged explorers, scientific innovators and badass warriors, all of whom did not fap to porn to become great. Your mindset of after a porn binge makes you meek and agreeable and you will struggle to assert yourself and your interests. If real sex is not an option at a particular moment then you must wait until it is.

6. Normalising vacuous sex.

As i said earlier sex is for reproduction and pair bonding. Pornography has made it normal for a man to masturbate using a woman’s vagina, and for a woman to see a man as a walking talking dildo. Sex for a lot of people is becoming as fulfilling as a porn binge. Pornography encourages people to look at sex and relationships as consumer products that can be tried out like a free sample in a supermarket. You may have no intention of marrying a girl but do not approach sex the same way you approach a porn video, or you will end up feeling weak willed and empty.


Pornography has no place in a man’s life, it is an energy drain and it encourages Sodom and Gomorrah levels of degeneracy. Strong and great men have boundaries that should not be crossed and pornography crosses them all.

There are many methods to eradicate your urge to view pornography but my personal technique was to cut it out cold turkey. Once you have all the facts about pornography there will come a sort of eureka moment where you will completely drop it from your life and never have the urge to return.

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Charles Sledge

  • Everyone who has erectile dysfunction watches too much porn.
    Stop watching porn, get a hydromax, problem solved.
    No doc or viagra required.

    • If you’re suffering from ED and under the age of 40 it’s the porn for sure. Blows me away how many guys are suffering from it at such a young age.

      • What is even worse is that they think that something is wrong with their body and ask the doctor. Just stop watching it all the time.

        • Ha yup and then the doctor proscribes them viagra or some other crap compounding the problem. It’s a wonder anyone is functioning normally in today’s society.

          • Apparently 25% of men under the age of 40 suffer from ED and half of that number suffer from ‘severe ED’. To an extent pornography is almost Darwinian, eliminating the genetics of the tempted.

          • That’s insane. A normal kid from the 50’s would be a superman a few short years from now if these trends keep up.

          • Damn what Spartans say’s. It’s really fucking darwinian, you seriously fuck yourself.

  • White Rabbit

    I’ve said it before, these article are a joke. It’s porn it’s fake I’m not a child I understand this. I masterbate three to four times a week and have sex two to three. No problems at all at 36. Maybe if you’re having trouble get in the gym and or change your diet to boost your T. If I don’t do the deed as often I’d be walking around half the time with an embarrassing hard on.