The 5 Biggest Lifestyle Changes You Can Make For Better Health

The 5 Biggest Lifestyle Changes You Can Make For Better Health by Charles Sledge

Alright so health is one of those things that depending on what you do can be very complicated or very simple. I’m a big fan of simple. As anyone who wants to help you instead of extract money from you above all else is. Being above average isn’t very hard especially in today’s age. This applies across the board just as well not just with health. But in business, sex life, or whatever else you want to measure people by. It’s never been easier to stand out. Don’t be obese and get all your information from the TV and you’re already above average.

Here in this article I’m going to lay out five simple lifestyle changes that will make you far above average when it comes to health. They aren’t rocket science and individually they are probably all things that you’ve heard before. However all together they can be very powerful and completely change your health depending on where you are at. None of them take huge amounts of effort and are really just about making simple lifestyle changes for a better quality of life. Alright now for the changes.

Lifestyle Change #1 – Replace X With Water

Everyone has their drink of choice. For some it’s alcohol, for some it’s soda, and for others it’s coffee. The drink that you should be drinking the most is water. So replace whatever you drink the most with water and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. If you have a glass of wine with dinner every night replace it with water. Replace your morning cup of coffee with a big glass of water. Replace the soda you have at lunch with water.

Water is the healthiest drink there is. And most people are chronically dehydrated, meaning that they go about their day to day lives dehydrated which has a horrible effect on their body. From how they look to how they perform to how they think. Hydration and water plays a huge role in them all. Drink more water.

Lifestyle Change #2 – Start A Lifting Routine

Crossfit, 5 x 5, bodybuilding whatever, honestly if you’re in the gym busting your ass then you’re good. I know everyone has their favorite religion, err I mean lifting routine. But as long as you’re in the gym and moving weight then you’re doing something right. If you like it and it’s having a good effect on you then keep doing it. Don’t let some trainer (even if they’re the “expert”) convince you otherwise. We could go on for days (and what a waste of time would that be) pick what you like and works for you and do it daily.

Lifestyle Change #3 – Cut Out Grains & Sugars

You don’t have to go full paleo or whatever if you don’t want. That’s not what’s important here or something I necessarily recommend. Just cutting out these two things has done wonders for me as well as every single last person that I have seen do it. Weight loss, clearer thinking, more energy, better body composition, the list goes on. Sugar and grains aren’t doing your body any favors and you are doing your body a favor by cutting them out of your diet.

I’ve written an entire article on doing this for weight loss reasons here. But there are more benefits then just that. Cutting out grains and sugars also forces you to cut out other junk from your life. No more soda, pizza, donuts, and the like. You will be forced to focus on getting in more nutrient dense foods such as meat and greens. Which naturally is going to have an positive effect on your overall health.


Lifestyle Change #4 – Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

You don’t build muscle when you’re awake it’s built when you are sleeping. In addition to this sleep has a long list of benefits. As a matter of fact a good sized no filler book could be written about the benefits of good sleep and hydration alone. I know people like to be different and suggest different hours of sleep and the experts are always changing their minds so they can stand out and get attention to make a name for themselves but stick with 8 hours and you’ll be good.

The magic number will probably change the 12 hours next month and then 4 the one after but stick around 8 and you’ll end up alright. Learn how to fall asleep fast as well as factors that make for a good night’s sleep and it’ll help you make the most of your time under the covers. One major thing I’d recommend is cutting out all electronic stimulation at least an hour before bed and not having any in your bedroom.

Lifestyle Change #5 – Continue Your Education

I’d highly recommend continuing your education about your health and how to be healthy. You shouldn’t leave something as important as your health in the hands of someone else. Especially a doctor who at best has making as much money off you as his number goal and at worst has pushing stuff on you to make money from companies or the government regardless of the cost to you. Take responsibility for your health. Remember when you take responsibility for something you also gain power with it. Your health is no exception.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge