4 Traits Of Alpha Males

4 Traits Of Alpha Males by Charles Sledge

What is an alpha man? The word “alpha” as well as beta and the rest have been used and abused. Meaning different things to different people. Being used to peoples own agenda pushing what they want, being misinterpreted, and a slew of other things. However the alpha/beta dichotomy is still a very useful model for understanding attraction and relations between the sexes. Put simply beta behaviors are those that turn women off while alpha behaviors are those that turn them on. Alpha males are essentially males who are men. Men who are masculine.

Now when looking at human behavior you are going to have to do use generalities. Something that you need to avoid is always obsessing about is this alpha is that alpha, as obsessing over something is not going to do you any good. Just understand the basic framework but don’t worry about following it obsessively. Trust me with enough time and conscious effort on your part these traits will become part of you. No need to be neurotic about this or anything else. With that being said here are four traits of alpha males.

Trait #1 – A Dominant Presence

You know when an alpha male is in the room. They take up space and have no problem making their presence known. They don’t do this through being a loud mouth but through their demeanor. They may be greeting everyone or they may not say hi to a single soul. Regardless you take notice when they enter a place. It can be seen in the way that they carry themselves, they have a dominant presence.

When they stand, they stand with their feet far apart and take up space. They don’t cower. They have their heads held high and their shoulders back. They have an open body language showing they do not fear their surroundings. They make eye contact and do not look away. They have a cool collected demeanor they do not seem rushed or hurried. When they interact with others their reality penetrates the reality of others. They have a strong dominant frame. Not domineering but dominant.

Trait #2 – Relaxed

Like I said above alpha males are not hurried or stressed out. They stay cool, calm, and collected. No matter what is going on around him the alpha male is centered like a rock. He cannot be moved by outside events or forces but only by his own will. He cannot be moved with a threat as he knows how to handle one nor he be moved by a woman’s emotions as he knows how to handle those as well. Nothing can rock the alpha males frame or knock him off his center. He is calm when all about him is falling apart.

Though he has emotions and experiences them he is not controlled by them but rather controls them. He knows how to control his emotions and use them when he needs to and shut them off when he needs to as well. He has faced down fear many times and therefore has grown courage because of it. This makes his confident in himself and being able to handle the world around him. He is not shaken by things of this world.

Trait #3 – Complete Confidence

The alpha male has complete and utter confidence in himself. He never doubts himself as he knows doubts are foolish and only do harm to him. He understands the famous words by Shakespeare “Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”. He has no room for doubt in his mind. He believes in himself completely and fully. Whenever confronted with something new the alpha male has the confidence that he can do it, whatever it may be.

He believes in himself. He doesn’t care what others say. He understands that his beliefs forge his life. That his beliefs are where the quality of his life comes from. His understands that his mind creates his reality and therefore uses it to create the best reality possible for himself. He is in control and he knows this. He doesn’t blame others as he knows that steals his own power which he values highly. He has confidence in himself and he trusts himself.

Trait #4 – Decisive

The alpha male is decisive. He doesn’t hesitate or sit around twiddling his thumbs. He sees he takes action. He knows that action is what counts and that sitting around thinking about something is ninety nine times out of one hundred a waste of time. He makes decisions and isn’t afraid to take the lead. He doesn’t wait for others to take the lead or the initiative he goes and does it. He trust himself and his judgement and follows through. He doesn’t sit around going back and forth like a woman. He takes a straight line to his goal whatever it may be.

The alpha male knows that he cannot rely on others, that he must rely on himself. So therefore when he needs something done he does it himself. He knows that waiting around on others will result in nothing getting done or things being done wrong. He takes the responsibility on himself and leads like a man should. He has no problem taking the reins and as a matter of fact feels uncomfortable without them. He wants to go his own path and be out in front, unencumbered by others. He is a leader and always ready to make decisions.


Becoming an alpha male is something that takes time. It is a process. It is not something you can do in a week. There are things you can instantly do to skyrocket your attractiveness but that is not what I’m talking about here. Combine the development of these traits with the things you can do instantly to skyrocket your attractiveness and you will be well on your way to having more beautiful women than you know what to do with. It takes time like building up a passive income stream but it is worth it.

Understand these traits and look to embody them in your day to day lives. Being an alpha male is something that has an impact on your entire life, not just your relations with women. Though to be fair that is where most men first notice it. To be an alpha male is to be a man and to be a man if to fulfill what you were created to be. And that is what is going to bring you fulfillment in life. To fully become a man in all facets and to make your impact on the world around you.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge