3 Ways To Make Money Online That Are Quicker Than Blogging

3 Ways To Make Money Online That Are Quicker Than Blogging by Charles Sledge

I’ll start by saying this blogging is great and when done properly for the right length of time can be very profitable. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However blogging is not a quick way to make money and honestly is one of the harder ways to make money on the internet. Does this mean the blogging isn’t worth it and that you should never attempt to blog? Of course not simply that in addition to blogging (which is a long term game) you should boost it with something else.

Blogging in and of itself for the majority of people isn’t going to make them much money. The two primary reasons for that are they create crappy content and don’t put effort into their blogs look and design as well as they don’t stick with it long enough. Between these two many would be bloggers fall short of their goal of replacing their day job with online business. Most don’t have the patience for blogging. However there is a way to vastly cut down on the time it takes to make your living off the internet and below are three of the fastest ways to do so.

#1 – Writing Erotica

Writing erotica is a very profitable way to make money online. While not quite the gold mine it once was you can still make lots of money from it granted that you are willing to put a little effort into it. Gone are the days when you could thrown up just any old short story and manipulate kindle to get money. Now you must write quality content and lots of it to make money. But nevertheless for someone who is looking to actually put in work and learn instead of making a quick buck, erotica is still a very profitable field.

I would start with The Six Figure Erotica Author as well as reading this article to point you in the right direction. Don’t expect to make any money until you have at least thirty shorts out there. I see many people who publish ten stories over a three month period then throw up their hands and say “There’s no money in erotica anymore!”. Don’t listen to the majority on anything…ever. If you’re smart and know what you’re doing there is still plenty of money to be made in erotica.

#2 – Copy Writing

Ask a rich man what the key to wealth is and other than “mindset” you will hear sales. Hence the common phrase learn sales and you will never struggle for money again. Copywriting can be a very profitable way to make some money online. I have not done much copywriting other than a short stint here and there for various people. However I know with time and dedication that one can make their entire living off copywriting. I would start on a site that allows you to advertise and collaborate with those that need copywriting work done.

Again this is something that I’ve only dabbled in but see the potential for. Start out small doing what you can. My first copywriting gig was a friend’s lawn business. I did it for free because I wanted the practice. Then as I got better I increased my prices. The more I learn about copywriting the more I learn not only it’s importance in all things but also the potential to make money from it. You’d be better off starting as a copywriter than starting a blog any day if your only goal is to make money. I may eventually delve deeper into this as there are incredible profits to be made. When I do I will update y’all on this. Until then check it out, it’s worth it.

#3 – Affiliate marketing

Alright maybe this one is cheating a little bit. Technically you need a blog or a platform of some type from which to do affiliate marketing from. However I put this in here because of how simply it is and how profitable it is. I have made more money from one month of affiliate marketing than from six months of having my own books for sale on Amazon. The margins are just so much higher that they cannot be beat. For example take Mr. 100$ for every copy of Mr. 100$ that I sell I earn 75%.

So that means if someone reads the review I wrote clicks on the link and buys it. I get fifteen of that twenty dollars. For a book that I didn’t even write. Of course you cannot abuse affiliate marketing and expect to make much money. Only do so with products that you have used and would recommend. However there are plenty of great options out there. You will make way more money from affiliate marketing than you would from Amazon. Making affiliate marketing a much better option and when you do write a book it’s a much better option to sell it as a PDF from your site and have an affiliate plan than to go through Amazon.


There are a myriad of ways to make money online. Blogging is perhaps the most popular but not the most effective. Again blogs certainly can be an effective way to make money online but are by no means the quickest or easiest. There are other options that will give you more bang for you buck, especially in the beginning. This isn’t to say not to blog obviously but rather to supplement your blog with other sources of income.

I would strongly suggest you check out the site 30 Days to X for great ways to make money online. Robert has been an inspiration for me and many others. Everything I wrote about in this article and more is discussed on his blog in some shape or form. Be sure to check it out.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it.

-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge