3 Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitions In Business

3 Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitions In Business by Charles Sledge

A big part of business is standing above the crowd, being above the noise. When you look at most niches regardless of what they are there are generally a few at the top with a few more more closing in. A small group breaking free from the herd. A then a big indistinguishable herd of the masses below. This is where most businesses find themselves in the indistinguishable masses. Where the business that they get is more happenstance and luck than anything else.

Breaking out of the masses is incredibly important to have business success. To have a different voice, style, and brand then all of those around you. To be seen as unique and apart. There are plenty of imitators and rehashed same old crap recycled over and over again. It gets tiresome. The point of branding is to be different, to differentiate yourself from the horde so that you stand out. Then when you stand out you grow and eventually will grow out of the huddled masses and be seen by all. Here are some ways to cut through the clutter and differentiate yourself in business.

Method #1 – Through Price

And by through price I don’t mean the lowest price but rather the highest or put another way to “premium” price. For better or for worse people associate price with quality and there is a section of the marketplace out there that buys on price alone. There are some who buy the lowest price no matter what and then those who buy the highest price no matter what. One makes a great customer and one is going to be your worst nightmare. I’m guessing you can guess which is which.

When you compete on lowest prices you turn yourself into a commodity instead of something special. You effectively price yourself out of the market because there are always those who are going to come along and undercut you. If you try to play the McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Amazon game then you are going to lose every time. Unless you happen to be that big which I’m going to guess isn’t the case for most people. Double, triple, or even 10x your prices. You’ll be surprised at how much more business you get.

Method #2 – Big Promise

Samuel Johnson once said the “Promise, large promise is the soul of an advertisement” and he was right. Large, big promises that change hearts and win minds or whatever the saying is are what win elections. Hell making the promise in the first place is more important actually following up on it. As a business owner you are held to a higher standard than a politician but nevertheless there is much that can be said for making large promises. Imagine two marketing companies one’s slogan is “We put our customer’s first”, “Customer service is our number on concern”, or something equally boring and unimaginative.

And the other’s is “We increase your bottom line profits by 10% or your money back” which one are you going to use? Obviously more factors then the tagline are going to come into play but you get the point. Promise them the world and then give the world too them. For a personal trainer lose 20 pounds in 30 days or your money back. For a dating coach “If you don’t get laid on my program then you get you’re money back” and other ballsy guarantees. Make yourself stand out from your competition through large promise.

Method #3 – Expert Status

You want to know how you become an expert in today’s world? You declare yourself an expert and then collect the check. Seriously in today’s world those who are considered experts are those who simply said that they were experts enough times so others believed them. Oprah is the expert on relationships (despite not having a successful one), the bull dyke from the biggest loser is an expert on fitness despite looking horrible, and so on and so forth. Simply call yourself an expert enough and you’ll be one.

Something else you can do to expand your expert status is produce information related to your field. Write articles, publish books, speak at events, make videos, and so on and so forth. Become a center of information for all those who are interested in your space and you’ll be seen as an expert. Regardless if you actually are or not. Remember in business it’s perception not reality that matters.


So we have three ways to rise above the masses with your business (these can also be applied to other aspects of your life as well). We have price yourself as the premium choice or brand. Make big promises with your company and advertising to stand out. Become an expert in your respective field. Or for the greatest effect work on doing all three at the same time. Once you start rising above your growth will be exponential it’s getting out of the starting ranks that’s the hard part.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge