3 Things Real Men Never Do

3 Things Real Men Never Do by Charles Sledge

Males as a whole has fallen greatly in the past forty years. I’m sure you’ve seen the picture Men Then, Men Now which encapsulates what I’m talking about perfectly. Feminism combined with a myriad of other social forces, combined with men giving up and giving in has created a vortex of destruction and an unhealthy society to say the least. However giving in and hiding away do not solve anything. It never has and it never will. For things to get better men must take the fight to the enemy. And this starts by reclaiming your masculinity and reclaiming your freedom.

Here I am going to highlight three habits or traits that no strong man ever does. Yet I see these rampant in our society. Cut these traits out of your life and you’ll stand head and shoulders above the poor excuse that passes for a “man” in our society. Other men will respect you, women will want you, and children will follow your lead. You will have taken another step towards fulfilling the greatest goal that there is. To be a man fully and completely, the bedrock upon which society and everything good rests.

The First Thing Real Men Never Do – Whine Or Complain

I’ve talked about never whining or complaining before but it bears repeating. I see many males who seem to make a sport of this. Always griping and complaining about this or that but not doing anything about it. They whine about the weather, about politics, about what’s going on, about their wives. Yet do absolutely nothing about it. It’s as if they just want to express and share the emotion like a woman instead of solving the problem like a man. I’m not saying men can’t express emotions of course rather that men do more than that and actually work to solve a problem.

Whining doesn’t do shit for you other than make you look weak. Nothing wrong with sharing but there is a difference between whining and sharing you distaste/dislike for something. Bitching has no place in a man’s life. When a man is presented with a problem he gets up and he solves it. He knows complaining about it is weak and does nothing to solve the issue in the first place. If you’ve found your whining about something repeatedly either do something about it or shut up about it.

The Second Thing Real Men Never Do – Make Excuses

I see this all the time. Males apologizing for just about everything…even existing. I see this a lot when males interact with women. Especially when displaying interest in them. For example a male may ask a woman on a date but then immediately make some excuse for having any desire for her. Males feel they must make excuses for who they are. A real man does not make an excuse for anything that he does…he simply does it. He knows what he feels and takes action on that. If other people don’t like too bad, that’s their problem not his.

Doesn’t mean he’s a brute rather that he does his own thing. If he likes a woman he goes and tells her showing his desire openly and without excuse…just how women want. Or if they hold a unpopular political view they don’t make an excuse for it they simply state their views and if someone disagrees who cares, not his problem. He doesn’t need to make an excuse for anything that he does because he is confident in himself and his beliefs. He doesn’t need others to validate them.

The Third Thing Real Men Never Do – Be Indecisive

A key trait of masculinity is being decisive. Making decisions and then following through on them. Like the great general Patton once said “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”. Men take charge and then they take action. They don’t swing back and forth. They make up their minds and then go forward carrying out their plans. A man will pick where to go to dinner and then go. Set up a business plan and then execute. Decide he wants to bang a girl and then go after her and so on and so forth.

This isn’t to say that a man never reconsiders his plans rather that he is decisive. He makes up his mind and follows through and later if he feels some adjustment is needed he does so. But he is a man of action first and foremost, the only kind there is. He doesn’t sit around and wait for others to make decisions for him, he takes the responsibility and pushes things forward himself. He takes responsibility for his life and takes action to bring about what he wants. He gets shit done, put succinctly.


If you see yourself exhibiting the traits listed above now is the time to get rid of them. The first step is awareness and then taking action whenever they come up. Like stopping negative thought patterns. The first step is to be aware there is such a thing as negative thought patterns and then to recognize them when they come up and put a stop to them. You can also actively practicing the opposite of those traits. Allowing yourself three seconds to make decisions for being indecisive and so forth.

It doesn’t take much to stand out in today’s world. It takes so little to be part of the elite.┬áTo stand far above the maddening crowd and to be a man in a world of boys. The be a lion among sheep. Get your habits right and everything else follows.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Jonathan

    Okay just a few thoughts here. As a whole I thought the post was pretty well thought out and clear, and lots of props of showing and practicing what you preach in the post. Pretty good I’d say. However I do have some points to bring up about said points, and would appreciate your thoughts on them.

    Point 1: I wonder if you’re implying that bitching about something and talking something are the same thing. Yes it is SO VERY ANNOYING to hear someone complain all day, especially during the times when it’d my own damn voice. Having said that, I just need a sounding board sometimes so that I can get a clearer perspective on what it is I’m having issues with, so that I actually have an idea what it is I can/should do. My fiance actually has proven to be the most reliable sounding board over the past few weeks, her thoughts and observations add a much needed counter-point to my own so that I don’t act like a child throwing a temper-tantrum. Meaning that in the end, my ideas and solutions are better refined through her (and others) honest thoughts, which more often then not helps me know how to make a real difference.

    Point 2: I don’t think you’re implying this but, it kind of sounds like you might be encouraging someone to just be a jerk or offensive to the women around them. Yes don’t apologize for being a football player, gamer, nerd, whatever. But if you call out a girl because of her young firm ass, you’re a dipshit. Plain and simple man. If you’re mother would slap you senseless if you called HER that, maybe you shouldn’t say it out loud. The reason I bring this up is that you specifically talk about guys apologizing to women for how they (the guy) acts and it just sounds… so very wrong to just focus on that. Especially if the guy is purposefully being rude and crude when talking to a woman. Again, probably didn’t mean for this point to be taken that way and would like your thoughts on the matter. So no I’m not apologizing, I literally DO not know you from Adam and it be unfair to just entirely assume that from one post.

    Point 3: Yeah… nothing to note here. Full on agree that once you know what you should do, ya just got to do it.

    Anyway, nights all.

    • Hey Jonathan thanks for the comment.

      On point one. No there is obviously nothing wrong with talking about issues you have and having a sounding board. It’s important to discuss problems and issues with those you can trust and rely on. Simple meant those who make a habit of whining and bitching about things instead of solving the problem.

      On point two. It’s not so much of being a jerk to others as it is holding on to your own values and standards. Which sometimes yeah will make you seem like a jerk to others but that’s their own problem. It’s not about being crude so much as it’s about not being soft if that makes sense.

      Hope that helps.

      • Jonathan

        It does actually, thanks.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    fallen as a whole the past 40 years? some would argue longer, some would say like near the end of WWII, or maybe even earlier, like in the Industrial Revolution, there are varied shifts in society that caused this i believe