3 Things You Must Do Everyday To Be A Top Level Copywriter

3 Things You Must Do Everyday To Be A Top Level Copywriter by Charles Sledge

Copywriting is perhaps the most lucrative field there is, especially for someone who doesn’t feel like wasting four years of their lives at university. Especially when those four years could have been better spent working on one’s own business or learning something use like copywriting or sales. No matter what business you wish to pursue you will have to learn sales, copywriting, and marketing. And as a matter of fact those three skills are more important than whatever business you do choose to go in to (as far as making money is concerned).

Becoming a better copywriter is something that takes daily practice. It’s not just something you can hope to accomplish in a weeks time and then be done with it. It doesn’t matter if you just want to write some sales material for your business or go out on your own as a freelance copywriter. Learning and becoming adept at copywriting will take time and effort. However it is not something that you are going to have to spend years on before you see any progress.

That is as long as you follow the outlines here and make sure you do the three following things everyday.

#1 – Write Copy Everyday

Look when it comes down to it the only thing that actually makes you a copywriter is the actual writing of copy. Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and typing out a letter or message that is designed to persuade someone to take an action of some kind. That is copywriting. And you must do it everyday to get good at it.

Now you may be thinking well how can I write copy everyday if I don’t have any clients? It doesn’t matter pick out a product and write copy for it. It could be anything. It could be a book you just read, the car you drive, or the gym you go too. Just pick out a product or service and then write out a letter designed to persuade a target market to purchase that product or service.

Do this everyday and it will become a habit. Then when clients start coming in (and they will if you market right and go after them) then you will already be in the habit of writing copy. Then when your client comes in you’ll already be in the flow of being a copywriter. It’ll be like putting on your shoes. There will be no “Oh shit now I actually have to write copy” moment that happens with people who simply study copywriting until they get their first client…a very big difference.

#2 – Copy A Great Sales Letter Everyday

You don’t have to copy the whole thing (as some run very long) but copy at least a page or two of a famous successful sales letter everyday. This will help you get the “language” of successful copy deep in your bones. You see writing something out makes you get it on a much deeper level than simply reading or reciting something does. Even though both those methods are also recommended but are in no way a replacement for writing.

For example think of that last time you heard a speaker speak. Most likely you forgot the great majority of what was said. However the stuff you wrote down is likely much easier to recall. That’s why you took notes on what the teacher said (or copied from someone who did) instead of just listening to the teacher.

Writing out sales letters is something I’ve talked about before and part of any successful copywriter’s routine. It really sinks good copy down to a subconscious level. If you write enough it’ll get to the point where once you know your target audience and have a general outline of what you want, you can have a whole sales letter filled in within an hour. And not just that but have it convert better than 90% of other letters out there.

#3 – Read A Great Book About Copywriting, Marketing, Sales, Or Advertising Everyday

The third is final step is to read part of a great book on copywriting, marketing, sales, or advertising everyday. They are all related fields and all have to do with making you lots of money. The three fields act like a governor on the amount of money you make in many ways. Get better in any of the skills and you increase you income and your income potential.

Check out these book recommendations to get started. Learning about this field is also important because no matter what you do in life you are going to have to persuade others to your way of thinking. Also remember knowledge is potential power. The more knowledge you acquire the more effective your actions are going to be. Some people waste their whole lives relying on experience instead of learning from the experiences of others.

Otto Von Bismark once said “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. Of course you also learn from your own mistakes but if that is all you learn from then you are a fool. Don’t be a fool and take advantage of the great powers of reading. Like Robert Koch of 30 Day’s to X says “A 12$ book often contains 120,000$ worth of advice”


So there you have a simple yet incredibly effective routine to developing your copywriting skills and breaking into one of the most lucrative fields that there is. You really can’t go wrong learning copy and I would recommend that everyone do this routine for at least a month even if they have no intention of being a full time (or even part time) copywriter. I recommend this simply because of how much it will improve your writing and your persuasion skills. Until next time.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge