3 Things To Do Daily For Success In Life

3 Things To Do Daily For Success In Life by Charles Sledge

Success is the culmination of daily action, of habits. Those that are successful have the same 24 hours as those who are unsuccessful. There are certain habits and daily activities that crop up in the lives of the successful that do not in the lives of the unsuccessful. While doing these daily activites aren’t going to change your life in a week, a month, or often even a year (at least not completely) they do add up over time. Little small changes done daily over a long period of time are what add up to big differences in the end. For example the guy who cooks his dinners every night verses the guy who eats ar McDonalds every night.

One month from now there won’t be that much of a difference between the two. But a year from now? Five years? A decade? If the trend keeps up it could mean the difference between being relatively fit and being obese. Small changes compound over time resulting in big differences. You’re not going to achieve success after one big event or moment. Success comes from constant activity done day in and day out. You won’t made an indent on a boulder by throwing a giant bucket of water on it but rather by dripping on it for years and years. Success (in just about anything in life) is largely the same.

Activity #1 – Read A Chapter A Day In A Non-Fiction Book

Warren Buffett, Dan Kennedy, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Grant Cardone, take your pick. They all talk about the importance of reading and gaining knowledge. Reading allows you to jump ahead of the curve and gain easily what others have fought long and hard for. This is not the first time I’ve talked about the importance of reading and it won’t be the last. For the man who wants to be successful and doesn’t want to take the slow ineffective path to success reading is a must. And not just reading anything. I’m not talking about blogs, social media posts, newspaper articles, magazines, or anything of that matter.

I’m talking about good old fashioned non fiction books (or quality e-books). Start with topics that you want to learn about to improve your life or are struggling in. For example just about everyone could do a little better with money, there are those out there who have mastered the game of money and written about it. Reading a book by any of the names mentioned above (or by me!) is going to put you far ahead on the path to getting your money right. Pick a subject your weak in or struggling with. Regardless of it’s fitness, money, mindset, success, masculinity, women, whatever. Gain knowledge and weak areas then take action on that knowledge and they won’t be weak areas for very long. And no matter what make sure you’re reading a chapter a day from a good non-fiction book.

Activity #2 – Listen To One Podcast A Day

Technology when used properly is a wonderful thing. Look at social media. Used improperly it’s a giant time sink but when used properly it can be used to grow and expand your business beyond what you thought possible. One of the great things about technology is that it allows us access to great minds wherever we are. Whether it’s e-books, YouTube, or podcasts we now have access to information from knowledgeable sources wherever we go whenever we want. Turning commutes and other drudgery into our own personal classrooms to improve our lives and further our development. Whether it’s during your commute, at the gym, or somewhere else I’d recommend that you listen to one podcast (or quality YouTube video a day).

Right now I listen to The Cardone Zone, Young Hustlers, Wise Traditions, and The Empire Podcast Show. I make sure that I listen to at least one a day whether I’m in the car, at the gym, or doing mindless yardwork. We learn in different ways and it’s good to get knowledge in different forms. You want a good combination of hearing, seeing, and doing to round out your knowledge base. Podcasts or YouTube videos allow you to gain knowledge when engaged in other activities. I have my gym notebook scribbled with all sorts of business ideas in the margins. Podcasts are also great for walks (great idea generator), make sure to have a notebook with you as you’ll get hit with lots of different ideas.

Activity #3 – Write List Of Top 10 Actions

Alright the first two things are more about gaining knowledge but as we know without action knowledge is useless. Knowledge is not power but rather potential power in order to make it actual power that knowledge must be acted upon. Now with the chapter of a good non-fiction book combined with a podcast or quality YouTube video a day you’re going to have lots of ideas and potential actions to take floating around in your head. If they simply remain in your head you’ll likely forget them and end up no making use of the ideas/knowledge. There is a (admittedly overused) old Chinese saying stating “the faintest ink beats the beats the strongest memory”.

What you should is either every morning upon waking or every night before going to bed write down a list of the top 10 actions that when completed will move you closer to your goals. These actions will either be completed that day (if you’re writing them down in the morning) or at the next day (if writing them down before bed). You will list them with the number one most important action first then down the line. Your goal is to complete as many of those tasks as possible. Try to shoot for all ten but if you get 5 the first day 6 the next and so on you’re still on the right track. The point is to write them down and make a concentrated effort to complete them.


None of these tips are new nor or any of them exactly mind blowing. What they are is effective when done for a prolonged period of time. Doing these won’t change your life in a month but they will make a big difference over a year and be potentially life changing over a period of five years (if done consistently). Remember consistency over everything. The path to success when looked at honestly can be a bit “boring”. It’s doing the same things over and over again. The result is anything but boring but the path can be tedious. Sort of like getting ripped. Tuna and kale gets really boring but it delivers the results.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • In all works of life, consistency is key. Because in the long run the set goal will be achieved. Nice article.

  • Old Goat

    Writing out goals has helped me greatly to visualize & then prioritize tasks. Something I notice about a lot of people is that they are always complaining about how overwhelmed they are with their responsibilities in life. Writing things out & then crossing them off when completed helps me maintain focus & feel rewarded instead of stressed out at a never ending list of obligations.

    • That’s great. It’s definetly one of those things that you think no way could have that big of an impact until you actually do it. Also visuaization is great, sounds hokey that is until you get the results from it.

  • Jeremy Martinez

    Great article. Partially because I already do this. I recommend the library. TONS of great nonfiction about everything. No money.
    I work on cars, so podcasts are my shit.
    And I usually do the list thing once a week, but in honor of Sir Charles Sledge, I’ll upgrade to daily.
    Add-on. I do Kanye Sessions. Just yelling ridiculous positive shit at myself in the shower. It gets me hyped up. I call them Kanye Sessions because I say the most ridiculous ego shit. Nonsense, even. Just hype man shit.

    • Lol will have to try that. And awesome. Always enjoyed jobs that I could go into my own zone and get things done as much as possible as opposed to having to be constantly waiting on/listening to others, even if the pay is a little less.