3 Strategies For Lone Wolves & Sigmas To Get The Most Out Of Life

3 Strategies For Lone Wolves & Sigmas To Get The Most Out Of Life by Charles Sledge

I never wanted to be popular, I’ve never had any desire to be famous, and being recognized and surrounded by people day in and day out sounds like a perverse form of torture. This isn’t to say I can’t turn on any of those things when I need to but they are where I feel most at home. I have many what they call sigma tendencies. Maybe you do too. When most talk about strong men versus weak men they split it up into alpha and beta. That works great when you want to talk about behaviors to avoid (label them beta) and behaviors to encourage (label them alpha) but that doesn’t take into account the complexities of human personalities and behavior. Truth be told there are many levels and different traits that make up human social order. The most commonly known are the alpha at the top, then the beta, then the omega, and there’s a gamma in there somewhere.

If one doesn’t want large groups of people following him or doesn’t enjoy large crowds and popularity it’s automatically assumed that he’s a shy introvert and a beta or even omega. When the truth of the matter is many men don’t speak and reach out not because they’re scared but because they have no desire to. These men are just as strong and capable as the alpha just don’t want to fit into the social order the way the alpha does. They simply want to live their own way and walk their own path, the lone wolves, the sigmas. Here in this article I’m going to outline three ways for those with sigma male personalities to get the most out of life.

Sigma Strategy #1 – Have A Cave

Here’s what I mean by this as a sigma male you’ll need space and time to recover from interacting with the average person. While an alpha feeds of the dumb adulation of the masses the sigma gets tired of their stupidity and prefers to be alone. The sigma needs to get away to howl at the moon and recharge his vigor. In order to do this a sigma needs his solitude. He needs a place where he can rest and recharge from the task of interacting with the masses. As a sigma you’ll want to do all that you can to cultivate this place, this cave that you can escape to, to come back strong. Think of it how every super hero has his retreat he goes into away from the masses.

There he trains, recharged, rests, and betters himself. It could be anything from a cabin in the woods, to a place deep in nature, to a room that’s separated from the main house, to anything else that allows for rest and recuperation. Having a study that others are not allowed in can also work as a great cave. In the cave many things take place. First off recharging, which just being away from others, being free, and with your own thoughts will do. The cave is also a place of training both the body and the mind. The ultimate cave for me would be a library attached to a gym, something that I pretty much have and am working to optimize fully. This is also a place where you will refine your craft whatever that may be, away from the maddening crowd.

Sigma Strategy #2 – Pair Up With An Alpha

Having an alpha buddy can help tremendously with being a sigma, let me explain. My best friend and one that I’ve had for nearly all my life is an alpha 100%. He likes attention, reaching out to people, and being the leader of the pack. When I first learned about social hierachies (the alpha/beta/gamma/etc. thing) I was surprised that me and him both got along so well. After all we must have both been alphas as betas are pussies and gammas are weird. However turns out he was an alpha and I was a sigma. We were the same in the ways that mattered. We are both competitive, high T, and fiercly loyal to one another (something suffering together will do). However while he wanted to be the center of social attention I was more than happy to let him have that burden.

So naturally we fit together well. So whenever I wanted a party and wanted to announce something I had been working on I would just go to him and he’d get his beta followers to go along. So if I wanted to throw a party he’d be the hype man for it, or if I wanted something of that nature which was torturesome for me to do, he’d do it and love doing it. We work off one another’s natural strengths. He doesn’t fathom how I sit and write in a room or workout by myself, yet respects it. Likewise I don’t get how he deals with dealing with so many weak and stupid people. But like I said this duality has improved both of our lives greatly. Where he is weak I am strong and where I am weak he is strong and where we should be the same we are. Alphas can be the perfect fit for a sigma.

Sigma Strategy #3 – Study Geniuses & The Crowd

Now this might sound a little weird to you. Why study two opposite things? What benefit is there to that? Well I’ll tell you. When you look through history and look at anyone who has accomplished anything of worth they were generally either sigmas or alphas with in my opinion the majority leaning towards sigmas. No work of genius can be created when one’s mind is bogged down with the masses. This includes everything from a great work of art to a masterful strategy in battle. One must be above and beyond the crowd to tap into genius and create things that cause wonder for generations. So studying geniuses and great men will allow sigmas to see how others like them have succeeded as well as pitfalls to avoid.

One must also study the crowd as well. Studying human nature is a very important task for every human being. Understanding how the crowd works and how they can be manipulated will save you tons of frustration from trying to get the average beta to see something or understand your ways. Essentially you’ll learn to smile pat them on the head and go your own way to prevent yourself from going crazy or getting frustrated. Understanding the crowd helps prevent you from being driven insane by it and instead how to harness it for your advantage and to get what you want from it. Fact is you have to live in the crowd, humans are social beings, and we have to deal with one another. Understanding the crowd will prevent you from being driven mad from this socialization.


Those that are sigma are cut from a different cloth. Strong, independent, noble, capable of dominating the social hierarchy yet having no desire to play in its game or be adored by the masses. The sigma is truly a unique breed and requires unique strategies to get the most out of life. These are three that have helped me in my journey and if you are a full blooded sigma or even just have some sigma tendencies should help you with yours. Remember as a sigma you have naturally strengths that you should make the most of as well as realize where you may be weak and work to improve those areas. Now start implementing these strategies and see the effect that they have on your life.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • I have never heard of Sigma, but it reminds me of an alpha introvert, this is how I would describe myself.

    Observing the crowd is the thirst thing any skilled manipulator should do before he acts or opens his mouth when he needs them.

    Having a cave is absolutely important for me, I am happy to do small talk with average people, what they call insights I have known when I was 14 so I don’t want to talk further with them.

    Pairing up with social alphas can be a good thing, however it was not my experience. You can use them to your advantage but they often tried me & it fucking annoyed me so I usually just left or retaliated.

    I am rather left alone.


  • Johnny Grube

    Probably why I spend so much time alone, have three friends and choose it that way. Another awesome article!

  • Ivan

    Do you know a good book about bodylanguaje?I have to improve on that..specially eye contact.

    • There’s a book called The Manual that has a good chapter on body language and then one called What EveryBODY Is Saying that’s also good.

  • KB

    “Sigma Shock” is a great ebook on this topic.

    • Will check that out thanks for the recommendation.

      • KB

        You are welcome sir. Thank you as well for all the great content.