3 Reasons Women Are Begging For You To Put Them In Their Place

This is a chapter from my book Understanding Women: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Women. Enjoy.

Women hate weak men. And when men allow women to walk all over them, to go along with their crazy and asinine schemes, and don’t put them in their place they hate them even more. Women do all sorts of things to get reactions from men to see if they are truly men are merely boys (or males). These are commonly referred to as shit tests but have been around long before there was any official name for them.

Some women are driven to extreme measures to see if their man has any balls. They will suggest letting another man sleep with her, emasculating him in public, or worse. Pathetically these males often go along with whatever their woman wants netting them even more resentment and hatred. What the vast majority of males fail to realize is that women want to be put in their place they are dying to be put in their place and will be attracted to whoever has the balls to put them in their place. There are some prime reasons why women want you to put them in their place explained below.

To Assert Your Masculinity Over Them

Women want masculine men, they are desperate for them. Just like men are increasing becoming more desperate for feminine looking and acting women. When a woman is with a masculine man she feels protected, she has respect for him, and perhaps most important of all (from her point of view at least) she gets horny for him. She wants to know that she is with a masculine man.

The feminine is naturally submissive and the masculine is naturally dominant. The two function best when the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. Women want you to assert your masculinity over them. To claim them and take them. This makes them feel good and horny. They will have no respect (and therefore no attraction) for a man who lets a woman put him in the submissive role. A man who has no masculinity and who defers to her. It turns them off like nothing else.

To Assure You Are Strong Enough To Protect Them

When the human mind was developing survival wasn’t easy for us, and for women especially. Being a weaker sex both physically and intellectual added in with carrying around a baby for nine months making them even more vulnerable women needed to be sure that their mate could protect them. While women are not in any physical danger anymore that wiring is still there and always will be. Women naturally respond to a man who could protect them.

Now when I say this you may think of the white knight pussies who run to “protect” women from ever being inconvenienced but this is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about the biker guy who could smash a guy’s face in if he tried harming the woman or her offspring. However that bikers size and strength would mean nothing is he is a pussy so women need to screen to insure that the man they are attracted to is the real deal. One way is by challenging him to make sure he is still the man they think he is. If he gives in the woman will begin to lose attraction for him and find a man who won’t give in to her and therefore would be a better protector of her and her offspring.

To Assure They Can Be Feminine Without Consequences

Women want to be feminine but in order to be feminine they needed masculinity. When a woman is around a masculine man who doesn’t put up with her shit she knows that she can be fully feminine safely. She knows she can fully embrace her feminine nature because she has the masculine to guide it to prevent it from becoming reckless (as it has a tendency to do). However if the man isn’t strong and does whatever she wants she cannot embrace her femininity because the male is not guiding and leading her. And won’t stop her when she has a reckless idea.

The masculine works as a check on the recklessness of the feminine. A woman left to her own devices will often destroy herself as well as those around her. However when a man keeps a check on her choices she knows that she is safe to be herself, to be feminine and submit to the man as all women wish to do. The caveat is it must be a dominant, masculine man to insure that she can safely submit.


Women want you to put them in their place. They want you to tell them “no”. To stop them, to put your foot down. They want a man they can submit to but they know that it must be a real man who isn’t going to change for them. So they test you and when you remain your dominant masculine self they love it because they know you are really what they thought you were and wanted.

A woman wants you to tell her to “shutup” from time to time, not out of anger or hate (as responding emotionally is feminine) but simply out of being true to yourself. When you constantly give in to her she loses both trust and respect in you and will begin searching for a man who is actually a man and will not change for her crap. This may not happen consciously at first it will start subconsciously but sooner or later will crop up in her subconsious mind. How many guys have you heard lament upon being left or cheated on “I did everything she wanted/asked”. Well that was the very reason she left/cheated because he wasn’t a man and didn’t maintain the frame and above all else he didn’t put her in her place.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Well said, Mr. Sledge.

    I learned this the hard way – unfortunately, but I thank the Heavens that I learned it and came to terms with it. But I think all men know this instinctively, though there is a struggle of denial because of our social programming – all the – be a nice guy stuff… just be yourself bullshit – well, if being yourself isn’t getting you women, then stop being yourself and create another self… women want nice men “why can’t I find a nice man?” it’s bullshit.

    Many men will make the mistake, as I did as a young man, to make a women the center of their universe… that will be your ruin. You must become the center of her universe and you do that by becoming the man she wants you to be – that is – to be a man plain and simple. Stand your ground and don’t back down. let her know that you chose her and she can be replaced.

    Here is an exercise for men on women’s shit test. Take your image of a manly man – it could be a real man or a fictional character, and think to yourself what that man would do when faced by a shit test, and then respond the way he would… I use Captain Rhett Butler from “Gone With The Wind” most of the time I face a shit test – “what would Rhett Butler do?”… and I do that – it works for me.

    I date many young women and their shit tests stop quickly with me – I chuckle at the ridiculous shit and have spanked more than a few for the stupid shit… but mostly women today are just children and they must be treated like children… however empowered society tells them they are, they will cry if they don’t get their own way and look down on you when you give it to them… but when you are the big daddy and say no and put them in their place – they become daddy’s little girl.

    Now, driving this truth of the universe home to young men – that’s the challenge.

    Good job here Charles.

    • Agree 100% Dash. The daddy dynamic is so key. Hopefully men are starting to come around to the reality of social programming. Every year I see manospherian ideology pop up in some of the most unexpected places and it’s good to see. Just keep up the good fight.

      • obamistake

        I had often heard that a girl will seek out either subconsciously or deliberately a man who has personality traits similar to her father’s. A surrogate father figure of sorts is what I think about that they are looking for. The archetype of a father contains these qualities: provider/protector/authoritarian/disciplinarian.

        I just wonder how much better society would be if beta males were not raising daughters. It seems to be a vicious cycle.

        • In a sense yes. Though many girls still want the father they never had or wished their father was. Meaning a woman raised by a beta father will still have a desire for an alpha. Though she may marry a beta and just cheat on him whenever an alpha is available.

  • Shawn

    My question is whether it is a weakness to help a woman if asked. It seems to me that opening jars or other activities that involve strength are masculine. Taking care of children is not, but if asked to by a woman who is clearly overwhelmed it is a case where you the man are deigning to stoop down and help someone in need.

    • It really depends on the intentions. Are you doing it just because or because you want something and why is she doing it. Is she doing it because you are a weak male who she can manipulate or because she genuinely needs help.
      So no it’s not weakness to help a woman in and of itself. It comes down to the intentions behind it.
      For example a nice guy helping a woman to get laid is weak as well as a woman who just uses a man because she knows he ballless and/or desperate and will do whatever she says is weakness.
      But no helping a woman in and of itself is not weakness.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    yup, sounds like the way it is meant to work, is that, women have to be both attracted to and respect the man, meanwhile men just have to be attracted to the woman, because i believe being attracted to and respecting are 2 different things.

    • Yup exactly.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        awesome, you really, you agree, that men don’t really need to respect or feel any respect towards the woman, only attraction right? while men, need to feel both respect and attraction?

        • Wouldn’t word it that way. A man doesn’t need to respect a woman to feel attraction to her while a woman needs to respect a man to feel attraction for him.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            so in the long and short of it, would you say typically on average, it’s easier for a woman to attract a man than for a man to attract a woman? because i remember what you said earlier, is that for a woman, just don’t be a fat cunt and she will be fine, lol

          • Yeah essentially.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i guess the reasons why women need to respect a man, is because respect is a form of power right? and women are attracted to men with power?

          • Yes pretty much.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            and women have been attracted to men with power since we humans looked more like Apes? you think human attractiveness is even similiar to how even modern day Gorillas and Chimpanzees operate?

          • Uh not sure, don’t know much about the mating habits of gorillas and chimps lol. But yes women have always been attracted to power.

  • Eric Sumner

    So fucking wrong man.This is exactly why we need feminism.

  • Nyx

    I think there are ways for a man to assert dominance without nessarily telling his partner off in a really mean way. For instance say she’s nagging at you a lot and this is some subconscious shit test. Saying “Shut up” would be the easy approach however responding by looking her straight in the eyes with a stern look on your face and saying “Look. I really don’t care” would probably have an even greater effect.

    And alphas may be the leader of the pack but they are still a part of it. They command respect and are authoritative yet they don’t belittle, put down, abuse, or treat others unfairly. They care about the well being of others in the pack because they understand that they are TOO are an integral part of a system. They know that in order to have things work out all parties need to be satisfied (while still doing their part and not allowing overindulgence of ill behaviors). A man who feels he needs to belittle, talk down to and fully control a woman (and that it’s his ‘right’ as a man) to the point of her losing her own self worth isn’t an alpha.

  • Nyx

    Where did my comment go?

    • Not sure it’s showing up on the word press dash board. But to answer it yeah whatever works.

  • Guy

    Dear males, the above is a typical woman shit testing….. notice it, she craves an alpha and instiinctively wants to be put in her place, they only way to do so and to turn her on as a bonus would be to pin her down and spank her ass and not give in to the drivel she stated