3 Reasons Weed Sucks

3 Reasons Weed Sucks by Charles Sledge

Though it’d be a fitting post for today. People love to rationalize. It’s a safety mechanism for them. And one of the biggest things that I’ve seen countless people rationalize is their drug use. When I talk about the negative effects of weed I’m not talking about it being legal or not legal. Obvious doing illegal things is dumb as shit but aside from that even it was legal doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly good for you either. My beef with weed is what it does to your body and your mind. Just like porn is legal doesn’t mean you should use or that you’re doing yourself any favors.

Alright so first off I’ve heard all the “But weed relieves my stress” and “What about people with conditions” and etc. And here is my advice is you need to self-medicate then you’re weak and something is missing from your life. If weed is how you get rid of stress then just admit your weak and find something else to take it’s place. Something like hitting the gym (iron or boxing), going for a run, or shit even taking a cold shower. You won’t do those things because they’re hard and it’s easier been a soft putz who smokes weed.

Reason #1 – It Weakens You

Weed weakens you. Here’s what I mean by that. When you do weed (just like when you watch porn) there is something wrong you’re trying to fix (or you’re just bored and not getting after anything in you’re life another problem of its own) and instead of manning up and working to fix it you’re “escaping” from it through weed. You’re running away from reality and your problems and hiding out. Instead of facing them and getting shit done. You’re cowering instead of building a life that you want.

Weed is easy. It’s much easier to smoke weed then it is to do productive things. You have to train yourself to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. There is a reason weed is associated with weak losers. It’s easy like masturbating to porn instead being the kind of man who gets gorgeous girls in real life. It’s easy to toke up after a long day of work then veg out in front of the TV or watching nature. Because it’s easy it’s also weakening and poisonous to your manhood.

Reason #2 – It Makes You Dumb

It makes you dumber would be a better description. Weed has been shown to reduce your IQ points by a good margin if used for long periods of time. Now you may say “Alright I’ll only use it X amount of times” but why even do it in the first place? If something has been shown to lower your IQ and therefore your problem solving ability why do it? Why make yourself an easier and easier target? Life is about bettering yourself and becoming the best that you can be, weed does the opposite of that.

Would a lion do something that made it scrawnier and dulled its claws? Would an eagle do something that dulled it’s vision and made it mistake clumps of dirt for rabbits? The point I’m getting at is weed de-evolves you. Why destroy something that took years of evolution to come up with in the first place. Any other species that did this to themselves would go extinct. You’re making yourself easy prey for the world.

Reason #3 – Mental Issues

The weed that is being smoked now is a lot different then the weed that was smoked at Woodstock (not that I would recommend old school weed or any weed for that matter). Modern weed has a much higher THC content level and has a higher link to mental issues. Marijuana has been linked to mental diseases such as schizophrenia, high levels of anxiety, and depression. So not only does it make you dumb but it also increases your chances of being a nut.

Weed is being pushed so hard because those who push it know that perhaps other than porn it’ll be the greatest weakening agent they could release in society. It’s estrogenic, makes you dumb, and make you crazy so they can subscribe pills to you. Between weed and porn an entire population of dumb sheep could be controlled and led to the slaughter. If you want to know more about the negative effects of weed I’d encourage you to listen to this interview Grant Cardone has with John Redman.


I know that weed is a sensitive issue to many I also know that many worship weed as they have no sense of identity themselves so need a drug to define them for them. Which is pathetic. Point is like porn even if it doesn’t hurt you it’s isn’t helping you. It’s a waste of time, time which is your most valuable asset. Time that could be spent doing things that improve your life. Read a book, hit the gym, screw a beautiful woman but don’t waste your precious time smoking a drug that does you no good regardless if it’s legal or not. It’s legal to chop off your nuts and call yourself a girl sure as hell doesn’t mean you should do it. Drop weed and rise above the ranks of the loser masses.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    In the past I have been staunchly against weed even for medicinal use, but have recently changed my mind on MEDICINAL use only. I don’t see it as any different than any other drug we use with a doctors prescription. However, I know the government has worked hard to ensure that, though you need a prescription, a prescription for weed is one of the easiest things to get. They think they benefit from tax revenue, but they are going to pay out for the increase in crime.
    For real medical issues, I say use it if you have to, but as with any drug, try not to stay on it long term. My doctor likes to tell me that he wants me to take the meds I need only for as long as I need them.
    If your using it for recreational purposes, like my neighbors who seem to smoke it all day, every day, well you deserve what you get. A life chained to addiction no different than being addicted to heroin, alcohol or porn. You will never be able to progress because you will keep taking steps back to get that hit. Good luck to you.

    • Exactly. Medicinal is different and even then it’s still a drug and sucks. The best thing is to have good health through natural means. Granted some are so far gone they can’t achieve it but the less you rely on outside sources the better off you’ll be.

  • I voted for legalization. The more estrogen soaked, easily distracted, money wasting, garbage emptying, LOSERS there are smoking weed; the more pussy and sucess there is for me!