3 Reasons Your Dick Isn’t Working

3 Reasons Your Dick Isn't Working by Charles Sledge

We’re in the middle of a epidemic of men not functioning correctly. Whether it’s acting like women, behaving like wimps, or simply losing their mojo. Across the Western world and beyond men are just not feeling, acting, and performing like they used to. One of the prime examples of this is the amount of men that have “erectile dysfunction” something that was once reserved for the very old and out of shape now affects men at all ages from high school to retirement homes men are suffering from this problem. This was one of those things that I didn’t believe until having enough friends and readers who talked about this problem.

And this is only one the rise. I knew a couple of kids that suffered from this and thought it was an anomaly but more and more this becoming “commonplace” look if your dick isn’t working at any age something is terribly drastically wrong with your health and your manhood. Your erection strenght is a great indicator of a healthy body and sex drive. You should be ready to go at all times and be able to go multiple times. If you can’t like I said something is drastically wrong and you need to fix it right away. Here I’m going to address the three most likely reasons your dick isn’t working and how to fix this alarming problem.

Reason Your Dick Doesn’t Work #1 – Too Much Porn

Damn, if there was one thing I could stop all men (especially in teens and 20’s) from doing it’d be porn. Porn is bad for so many reasons. One of the greatest being that it can lead to erectile dysfunction. If you’re in your teens or 20’s and you can’t get your dick up then porn is a likely culprit. I know everyone has their rationalization for why porn isn’t bad for them but you’re going to have to take a second look at this. If you’re frequently masturbating to porn (i.e. more than 3 times a week) it’s going to have an effect on your arousal and erection quality.

If you want the ins and outs of this I’d suggest you pick up Gary Wilson’s Your Brain On Porn a book that dives into the science behind why porn is so bad for you. And if you’re looking to just get that shit out of your life with the masculine reasoning why check out my book How To Stop Watching Porn. At the very least don’t masturbate while watching porn. And that’s just the first step the goal is total elimination of that crap. Cut out porn and eventually replace it will real women and working on yourself.

Reason Your Dick Doesn’t Work #2 – Bad Diet

Diet is the key to so much of our health. While it’s great to bust your ass in the gym and something that you should certainly be doing, every veteran trainer knows that real gains and progress is made in the kitchen. If you’re eating the standard American diet (sad) then you’re going to run into problems down the road. If you’re eating and drinking lots of processed carbohydrates, sugars, vegetable oils, soy, and other processed junk it’s going to take a toll on your body and how it functions.

Just like putting crap in your fuel tank will eventually ruin your car putting crap in your body will eventually ruin how it functions. You want to start with the most obvious offenders and then go from there. Cut out processed carbohydrates (meaning man made carbohydrates), sugars, soy, and vegetable oils. You’ll quickly notice that at least one of the following four ingredients is in nearly everything that is made by man. So that means sticking to as natural sources of food as you can find. Meats (with all the trimmings still on), veggies, raw grass fed dairy, and eggs should all be staples of your diet.

Reason Your Dick Doesn’t Work #3 – Low T

So much of the issues that modern men and society suffer from stem from men having low levels of testosterone. From endocrine disruptors, to crap diets (like mentioned above), to lack of physical activity, to brain washing. The modern male is under assault day in and day out. And his testosterone is the primary target. Testosterone makes everything better for a man and erectile health and sex drive are no exception. Without testosterone you’re going to have a hard time getting and keeping an erection. Now first things first for many men because of everything going on in our modern environment it may be too late to fix your testosterone naturally.

This is going to hold true more for older men then younger but I’ve seen guys in their 20’s who can’t fix their testosterone naturally (which should be a sign of how screwed up things are). If you can’t fix your testosterone naturally then you’ll want to look into TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) the best most informative book I’ve seen on the subject is Jay Campbell’s The Definitive TRT Manual. Now for those that think they can change it on their own (younger, not in horrible shape, no genetic issues) then check out my article A Cheat Sheet For Increasing Your Testosterone as well as my book How To Increase Testosterone Naturally for an in depth look at doing so.


Having a dick that doesn’t work isn’t normal, it’s not healthy, and it’s something that you need to get resolved right away if you’re suffering from. Look as a man you should be able to simply fantasize about a girl and be able to pop a boner (shouldn’t need porn). Even if you’ve been with tons of girls this should still hold true. If you can’t then something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Pills, pumps, and other things are just band-aids over a much deeper issue. You need to get to the root cause and fix whatever is causing the problem.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge