3 Principles Of Wealth Attraction

3 Principles Of Wealth Attraction by Charles Sledge

The rich have different thoughts when it comes to money then the poor. Just like those who are successful with women have a different mindset then those who are unsuccessful with women. Put simply to get your money right it’s going to help tremendously to get your mind right first and as a matter of fact will be impossible to have wealth for any long period of time without the right mindset about wealth. After all you could win the lottery but that doesn’t mean you could hold on to it nor double it.

If you took all of the money in the world and divided it out equally, it’s adjust itself within a couple of years. Meaning this those who were poor before the money was divided up will still be poor, those who were middle class will still be middle class, and those that were rich will still be rich. Despite the indoctrination that a bunch of rich people want you to stay poor (trust me they have better things on their mind) the truth is if you don’t have any money it’s your fault and probably a result of your thinking when it comes to money. Here I’m going to help set your thinking in right order when it comes to money.

Principle #1 – Money Is Abundant

Remember the saying that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Yeah? Well throw it out, it’s dumb B.S. that you’re father used to rationalize not knowing much about money. Money is very abundant, there is money everywhere you look and guess what? More and more gets printed everyday. You have to have an abundance mindset when it comes to money if you want to get rich. If you’re chasing a dollar your going to miss the hundred dollars. Money is abundant, it’s everywhere. It’s not rare or in short supply.

Here’s a good exercise that I was taught to do. Tally up the cost of everything around you, and I mean everything. The chair you’re sitting in, the house or office you’re in, the buildings around you, the car in your driveway, the roads you drive on, it all took money to build and produce. Depending on where you are you’re probably in view of easily over a million dollars. Somebody had to pay for all that. Money changed hands for all of that usually multiple times. Money is everywhere and money is abundant. The rich get this, the poor don’t.

Principle #2 – Income Is King

Look savings, cutting stuff here and there, as well as budgeting is cute and all but it’s not going to take you to big money. Don’t focus on budgeting (just yet), don’t focus on saving, and sure as hell don’t focus on cutting coupons or trying to take advantage of deals for your wealth creations plans. What you need to focus on above all else (even budgeting) is getting your income up. Until you have big income coming in none of that other stuff is going to matter. You need raw material to work with before anything else. Getting two bricks a day isn’t going to build a good sized wall no matter how well you manage those two bricks.

Get those bricks up to one hundred bricks a day and you’re not going to worry about saving 1/8 a brick here and 1/6 a brick there. Focus on the overall big picture before anything else. Income is king and should be your number one focus. When you should change your focus depends on who you ask. Some say not until you a billion, others say 20 million, others say 120k a year, while others say it’s always going to be number one. At the very least, the absolute minimum you should focus on income until you get to 120k a year and that is minimum. Also that’s 120k in profit for you so obviously what you actually make will be much higher.

Principle #3 – Money Is Good & The Basis Of Freedom

You’ve probably heard people talk about how money is evil generally it’s people who are broke and don’t have money. Funny how that works out. Similar to how feminists hate on women who are attractive, they don’t call them evil (or maybe they do, don’t pay much attention to feminists) but close enough. While most of this saying has more to do with envy than anything some still hold on to it for “moral” reasons as if being broke was somehow noble (it’s not).

Understand that any good you do in this world is going to come from the power that you have and a good portion of the power that you have comes from the money that you have. Also money goes to the hardworking and smart and runs away from the lazy and stupid. It has nothing to do with morality. Money isn’t evil and if you think money is evil then you are a fool who will never have a life of freedom. If you hate money you might as well love slavery and slavery of the worst kind…your own. You need money to be free and live the life you want. Money is good, money is great. Understand this.


The rich have different mindsets and skill sets from the poor and these two things are what separate the two. This should do a good job of setting you in the right direction in regards to mindset, skill set is something that you will have to develop as you go. So remember first off money is abundant and everywhere. There is no shortage of money in any economy. Second income is king. Don’t worry about saving or even budgeting until you get the income section down. And thirdly money is good not evil. Without money you will be a slave. There is nothing wrong with going after large amounts of money and if anything there is something wrong with not going after it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge