3 Mindset Switches To Get Laid 10x As Much

3 Mindset Switches To Get Laid 10x As Much by Charles Sledge

Having lots of sex is a mindset. To get laid a lot you have to have the right beliefs. I know that goes against much of what you have heard but it is the truth. Looks, money, fame and such while attractive women are not the way to go about having the sex life that you want. There are ways that are much easier and exponentially more effective. Take one man who all the looks, fame, money, or whatever else society has led you to believe women want and put him up against a man who has the right mindset in regards to bedding lots of women and the man with the right mindset is going to come out on top every time.

I’m not denying that women don’t like looks, money, or fame. Looks are nice to make their girlfriends jealous, money is good to take advantage of, and fame is nice to again make her girlfriends jealous. However there are much more effective ways. For example being a dominant masculine man turns women on viscerally. Enough that she’ll forget about her good looking, rich, famous boyfriend or husband. And no I’m not kidding. If you want to be a good target then by all means pursue looks, money, and fame to the exclusion of developing yourself as man. However if you’d rather be the man women want rather than use then you have to go about it a different way. And your mindset is the start.

Switch #1 – The Abundance Mindset

The first thing that you have to realize is that women are incredibly plentiful. Women are everywhere. No matter how sexy/awesome/whatever the girl you are with is there is always one better and younger. Like I said in The Primer “Most women are interchangeable and all women are replaceable.”, women are an abundant resource. Remember having an abundance mindset is an essential part of all aspects of your life, women are not exception. Women are not rare but bountiful. You can always get a newer better one.

Many guys get caught up in one girl on in a few select girls. They fail to see the opportunity all around them. Every day new beautiful women come of age and this cycle is not stopping. Women are abundant. Never focus on a woman (or a few women) to the exclusion of all women. There are more beautiful women in the world than you could ever hope to sleep with. Like an all you can eat buffet. Even if you wanted to eat it all you couldn’t. The same holds true with women. They are an abundant, you might as well worry about the ocean running out of water than worrying about not finding a better/great/sexy woman.

Switch #2 – Women Are Easy

I don’t say this as a derogatory term but simply as fact. While men are often given the easy label (because they are) the truth is women are also easy just one they hide it and two there has to be certain stipulations. Meet those stipulations and it’s game on. Women are easy granted that you are the right man. Sure if you are a wimp with no game no women aren’t going to be easy for you. They’ll put you in the friend zone and hope one day you get rich or famous or good looking enough so they can live off you while banging their deadbeat ex boyfriend.

Women are easy. Get this in your mind. Women will have sex with the right man within five minutes of meeting him if things are right. Only suckers think they have to go on dates with women or spend a certain amount of time with them before they can have sex. Women will have sex with a guy they just met if he turns her on. This holds true for all types of women not just women most would label “easy”. Remember all women are easy if you are a man. Get this in your head as society programs you to believe women are hard when in fact they are just playing hard. That’s why it’s called playing hard to get not being hard to get.

Switch #3 – Women Love Sex

This also goes against what society and the majority of men would have you believe. They say women only want money or flowers but they hate sex. When hate to break it to them but women only want money and flowers from men who have nothing else to offer. They want sex from real men and are most likely getting sex from real men why you empty your wallet or affection to them. Women love sex with real dominant men. Look at how well 50 Shades of Grey has sold.

Women love sex. Of course that’s only with the right men. This is something that most men will have to work to get into their heads. Women are sexual creatures. They all have sexual thoughts, feelings, and desires often raunchy and more hardcore than the average man would expect. Of course they do a great job of hiding this from the average guy as they are afraid of being judged for it. Women have many of the same feelings as guys its just that women hide and mask things much more than men do and are much less likely to admit things that have the potential to tarnish their reputation. Remember a woman will do anything so long as her reputation remains intact.


To get laid a lot you have to have the right beliefs and the right mindset. The three beliefs above go against much of your social programming (which has misled you). If this is your first exposure to these ideas it may take some time to sink in but keep them in your mind and trust me they will sink in. Go out and test these ideas and when you find them to be true they will sink in even deeper. Instead of pursing money, looks, and fame to be a good target instead pursue the right mindset and be a man.

Then you will be the man women desire instead of the man women use. Others will wonder how and why you get laid so much but you will know. It is because you have the right mindset and therefore the right beliefs regarding women and sex. You see everything stems from your mindset. Have the right beliefs and your life lines up accordingly. Have the right beliefs regarding money and you will get rich and so on and so forth. All is mindset, including making sure you get laid a lot.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    i fully agree that women love sex just as much as men do, some say maybe even more than men do, but do you think it’s biology, human nature, for men to be more desperate for sex than women are? kinda goes back to my comments in the blog post you made about how having hatred for women will destroy you. Most people in life, society will agree that getting laid is easier for women than it is for men, yet people will argue against it in an annoying way, they will say “for every woman that has sex, a man is having sex”, okay then why are the vast majority of hookers, escorts in the world, female instead of male? thats my way to argue against it.

    But in a way i don’t blame women for not being desperate as much as men, after all, men produce millions, billions of sperm, meanwhile women have a limited amount of eggs.