3 Life Lessons You Won’t Learn In School (Constant Growth)

3 Life Lessons You Won't Learn In School (Constant Growth) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post from Placide Buduri who runs Constant Growth. A site for men to get the most out of life. Placide recently wrote an article about suriviving a female dominated office that you can check out here. In this article Placide talks about three life lessons that college doesn’t teach you but that you’re going to need in the real world. Enjoy.

Looking back to my days in college, I was so enthusiastic to an almost illusion phase. I kept thinking I will finish college, work in a small law firm and eventually own my own law firm. However, as many of you would have guessed already, success is not a straight road. It’s only been two years since I graduated, but I’ve learned, read, and wrote more than I did for 4 years in college. Was I lazy? or maybe I was just studying when I had a test or an exam. There are a few lessons you can learn before attending college or during your scholar year that will improve your life dramatically.


After college, like it or not you will have to learn how to be patient. Unless you already have a job lined up for you. I hate to spoil the news but most of you new graduates won’t get hired as soon as you finish college. I know it’s the harsh truth, but you will learn how to be patient in the process. You see, in college, the professor gives you a test, then you expect your grades either the next day or instantly. You take a multiple choice exam on the computer and get your grades as soon as you finish the test. The truth? Success and results will not arrive as fast as you expect. You apply for a job, then wait for weeks to get a phone call back. When you get a job, you work for two weeks straight, then get a paycheck. No instant results, No instant success either. Keep grinding, stay patient, and take action. Success will follow.

2. Maturity

As you age, you probably think maturity will correlate. For some people, it’s an easy transition to mature in college. For others, it’s not a guarantee that college will help you mature. The toughest decision you have to make in college is to wake up in the morning and go to class and maybe choosing a major. After college, you will be facing with multitudes of decisions to make each day. Some of these decisions are crucial for your life. Allow me to explain. You noticed how much you party each weekend in college, and you can sleep in the next day without worry, sometimes you can even miss a class and still get a chance to make up for it? Well, unless you are the CEO of your own company, that lifestyle won’t help you much. You will get fired and probably find yourself in your parent’s basement if you miss working a couple of times. Start taking your life a bit serious, go easy on those keg stands.

3. Experience

That feeling after you graduate college and you suddenly think you own the world. Think again, college degree value has decreased over the years. You could get a job, but your boss will probably be a high school graduate. Most companies nowadays hire individuals with the most experience. How do you get work experience while in college? I am glad you asked. While in school, get a part-time job. build up your resume in any way that can help you. Apply for internships before you graduate. Those two lessons should set you above a majority of people who will be applying the same position as yours.


The 3 key point to take away are, cultivate patience in your life, it will help you endure through tough times. Don’t yearn for quick results. Only those who stays in the game for long bear the fruits. Ask yourself, “Am I serious enough about life? or do I just go through motions? take a look at what you can improve to become more mature and always remember, you don’t have to figure out everything at once. One step at the time.

Last, build up experience through part-time jobs and internships. I honestly applaud those who work throughout their high school days. A couple of my friends were working long before they started college. Not only did they gain experience and build up their resumes, they refrain from asking their parents for money, which probably helped them mature long before attending their first frat party.

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Charles Sledge

  • Placide Buduri

    Thank you for always giving me a spotlight! My website crushed due to a high volume of visitors,lol….You Rock!


    Sadly too many people nowadays still think that getting their degrees will catapult them towards a great life, they are just sheep being thrown into the meat grinder.

    • Yes, college is not recommended for most. Does nothing but build up debt and waste time for the majority.


        It’s hilarious to see how many men are doing the same mistakes millions of other men have done before them, it’s the same with marriage.

        They need to come to this conclusion “I was blind but now I see”.