3 Foods Men Need To Eat More Of

3 Foods Men Need To Eat More Of by Charles Sledge

If you look at the modern male’s diet it’s a wreck. Either it’s tampon flavored tofu and pesticide free lettuce or it’s beer and carbs. Neither is going to result in anything good. Health is one part of your life that you don’t want to neglect. You can be wealthy with all the buxom beautiful babes in the world and one heart attack could end it all. You have to keep your health in working order. Following these tips would be a good start. Take your health seriously and you’ll have a higher standard of living than the vast majority.

Most people just simply drift through life just going whatever which way to current of the world takes them. They just hope a good woman will fall in their lap, strong fighting muscles will be theirs, and that money will rain down on them suddenly one day. Most people leave their fate up to luck and chance. Which if you know anything about the world you know is beyond foolish. People need guidance to get anything they want in life, they need right direction. This article here is a step in the right direction for the diets of the modern Western male.

Food #1 – Steak

The king of food. Men don’t eat enough steak. Unless your eating this great food multiple times a week you are not getting enough of it. Steak contains lots of protein as well as fats needed for proper hormone production (aka testosterone production). Anyone who tells you that steak/red meat is bad for you wants you to be weak and testosterone free. Steak also contains zinc which is critical to adequate testosterone production not to mention keeping your immune system strong.

So essentially eating steak makes you strong, manly, and disease free exactly the opposite of how the government wants you. No wonder there have been so many campaigns to associate steak with being unhealthy while pushing estrogen raising and gut expanding foods. Steak should be a staple of your diet. While it can run expensive there are a variety of cuts as well as prep methods to keep things fresh and not too expensive.

Food #2 – Eggs

Another food that has been maligned and told was bad for us by those caring individuals of the U.S. government and medical establishment. Eggs have many of the same effects as steak. Namely making you strong, manly, and healthy. Eggs also contain good amounts of protein and fat and are much cheaper than steak (though not a replacement). Make sure you are eating both the white and the yolk. The yolk contains much needed fats that are critical in hormone production (aka testosterone).

You wouldn’t throw testosterone down the drain so don’t throw the egg yolks down the drain either. All parts of the egg are good for you. The white contains large amounts of protein and the yolks contain needed fats as well as have a variety of nutrients in them as well. Nutrients such as vitamins A, E, & D for starters. Which covers everything from your mood to your immune system. Eat lots of eggs often.

Food #3 – Cheese

While most males who are aware of their health and the reality of nutrition know that steak and eggs are good for them, some forget to consider another great food. Cheese is another great food that men need to eat more off. Cheese like steak and eggs also contains protein, though not as quite as high of amount. It also contains good nutrients that are required for hormone development as well as generally costs less than steak and is on par with eggs.

There are many different types of cheese and they are not created equal. Obviously I’m not talking about the cheese you’ll find on your burger at McDonalds nor the kind that comes in a can. Cheese like American, cheddar, Munster, provolone, goat, etc. In addition to having protein cheese also contains saturated fat which is needed for optimal testosterone production as well as feelings of well being. Include cheese as a staple of your diet in addition to steak and eggs.


You’ll notice some similarities from all the foods above. Namely they contain high amounts of protein and saturated fat. Two very important things and two things that in a large part make a man a man. You’ll also notice that whenever something makes a man strong, manly, and healthy the government and medical establishment will come out against it declaring that it is bad for you. For good health ignore the government, the medical establishment, as well as the hordes of sheeple being led to the slaughter. Do your own research and figure out what’s best for you. You’ll find that the three foods above will always be a staple of any sane diet for men.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    I eat eggs and cheese almost everyday, it’s great living in central pa I buy
    all eggs from a farm, big difference in quality. I eat my eggs with avacado its great anytime of the day.

    great post

    • That’s awesome, I try to buy from local farms whenever possible. Support the farmers, cheaper, and get higher quality.

      So true and thanks.

  • I would like to add my own 3 to this list:
    Liver – A nutritional powerhouse. If you can’t stand liver, at least take liver tabs as a supplement.
    Broccoli – Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helps reduce estrogen levels in men.
    Garlic – While more of a spice than a food, garlic has so many beneficial compounds that you’d be silly to pass it up.

    • Nice, will have to try the liver out.

      • Just be sure not to overdo it. Liver is so potent that you can risk poisoning if you eat too much. If you’re eating liver, I would suggest no more than 2 x 4oz servings per week. If you’re taking liver pills, just follow the directions.
        One meal that I particular like, and has quite a few of the foods we’ve both mentioned, is liver seared in the skillet with minced garlic, a couple of eggs over easy on the side, and a couple of cups of broccoli.

        • Thanks for the warning. That sounds good.

        • david

          I swear by cod liver oil. I take a teaspoon every other day. Gives me thick hair and stronger teeth I promise!

          • I’ve heard good stuff about cod liver oil. Think they actually have them in pill form.

  • david

    You should emphasize organic, grass fed steak and dairy. Many of these cows are pumped with hormones including estrogen that men do not want in their food.