3 Essential Things A Man Has To Do Before Considering Getting Married

3 Essential Things A Man Has To Do Before Considering Getting Married by Charles Sledge

Despite many disagreeing ultimately most men are going to want to have a family at some point. If at the very least to have sons to carry on their name and the fight against the evils of this world. Not to mention at some point banging lots of women even if gorgeous isn’t going to bring you fulfillment (not that any woman ever will but I’ll explain what I mean in a bit). Eventually you’re going to want more out of life. However it’s important to not jump the gun and end up in a situation that you will later come to regret.

Women aren’t evil anyone who has any experience with them knows otherwise however they all do share a common biology (of course so do men). That makes them prone to certain things and ways of behaving. Following the mainstream advice will make your end up in a bad situation. The women the mainstream pushes are not worth marrying and even if they were the way that mainstream wants you to act would repel them like crazy. Society wants marriage to fail, people to be unhappy, and the sexes to be at each other’s throats. Understand that, however you as an individual can ignore society and live your own life as you see fit.

So here are things you need to have covered before you start your family both for your sake as well as that of your wife and children.

Essential #1 – Have His Finances In Order

You need to have your finances in order not so much for the benefit of your wife but so you can live the life you want to live and gain experience before getting married. If you go from living in your parent’s home straight to sharing a home with your wife your missing out of a lot of life experiences that men need. You need to have a time on your own where you live by yourself or with men your age. Where you share experiences and bonds that you would otherwise have missed out on. You need to learn how to make money for your own sake, so that it will never be a problem for you. And because it will never be a problem for you, it won’t be for your wife or children either. Which is a nice side bonus.

You must understand money as money is the foundation of your freedom.¬†Marriage is where you already have a successful life and are on your path to accomplish your mission that you then bring a quality woman into to enhance your life. You don’t want to bring a woman in to your life for a long term basis until you have all your ducks in a row. This if for your benefit not just for hers. You need to experience a full life before getting married. Women/a woman are never the focus of your life simply a nice addition. You can bring girls in and out of your life while your building yourself up but I wouldn’t recommend doing so on a long term basis.

Essential #2 – Be Able To Defend Himself

You must know how to fight. To be able to defend yourself gives you independence and is another key core of your freedom. You have to be able to scrap and defend yourself against all threats. Again this goes in with having independence before you bring a woman into your life as a long term basis. You cannot be dependent and bring a quality woman into your life on a long term basis, you have to be independent and have experienced that independence for awhile. You have to experience that independence so that when the quality woman becomes a permanent part of your life you are still independent as it has become a part of you.

You must feel at ease in the world even in tough situations. This is required first and foremost for your independence but also for the protection of your wife and child. A man must be able to defend that which he cares about. Which is himself first and foremost but then others who are important to him. Remember like I said in The Primer a man who isn’t dangerous isn’t much of a man. This has held true since the dawn of time and will hold true until the end. Know how to handle yourself.

Essential #3 – He Must Have Experience With Women

Before getting married a man must have experience with other women. I’m not saying he has to have banged one hundred women before considering marriage but he must understand how women function and have had experience with them. He must know different types of women and interacted with quite a number of them. Again not saying he has to bang hundreds but he should have gone on many dates and be able to handle women properly. A woman should have no experience with other men before marriage and a man should have lots of experience with other women before marriage.

This isn’t a double standard as men and women are different and therefore operate by different rules. And even if it was, who gives a shit it’s the truth. You need to be able to hold the frame and the woman should know you are the king. This cannot be done in a vacuum but must be done with real women. You’re wife cannot be the first woman you have successful interactions with. You must have interactions with a variety, successful interactions. You must understand women before you bring one into your life on a long term basis. This is perhaps the most critical of the three.

Bonus: He Must Be A Good Judge Of Character

There is a principle of psychology and human interactions where people attract others that are like them. The manipulative “nice guy” attracts the manipulative drama queen and so on and so forth. Despite what we would like to believe no relationship is one hundred percent one way. To get married you have to be a good judge of character and not being a dumb ass helps as well. For example I know guys who made commitments to women who they met at a bar at closing time and then banged that night. Then lo and behold she turned out to be a slut. No kidding. Most women aren’t worth marrying (of course most guys aren’t much to brag about either) you have to be able to screen the good from the bad.

Most men are in the situations they are in because of their own stupidity. Is that harsh? Who gives a shit it’s true. And it is only the truth that will set you free. Men need to take responsibility for the situation there in that is the only way they can set about changing it. For finding a good wife I highly recommend Victor Pride’s “How To Pick The Right Wife” as well as Michael Sebastian’s “How To Find A Wife”. I also want to point out that like attracts like and therefore quality attracts quality.

So Before You Get Married…

Ultimately this comes down to having freedom before you introduce a woman into your life and then bringing her in when the time is right. You must have freedom before you can have a successful long term relationship with a woman and raise healthy children. Your freedom is where you become a man. You can’t bring in a woman as a slave and expect things to go well. Both you and her will be miserable. You must have your freedom first and lived it for some time. Cover the things mentioned above, experience it fully, then you can start a family successfully. Until you have freedom, freedom should be your number one goal.

Also I would highly recommend checking out The Family Alpha who is a shining example of what the “red pill” is/was supposed to be.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Mr. Tilde

    When you said “The women the mainstream pushes are not worth marrying”, are you talking about those women who the mainstream media portrays as an ideal women ?

    • Yes, sorry if that was confusing. The whole empowered women who focuses on her career, cuts her hair short, had lot’s of “experience”, etc.

      • Mr. Tilde

        Unfortunately, that’s the kind of woman my mother wants to set me up for marriage. I’m from India, where arrange marriage is a big thing. My mother herself is a career oriented woman, who have become really miserable, and always complaining and disrespecting my father. I outrightly told her that I’d remain single for the rest of my life than get married to a modern age feminist cunt who loves her career more than her family.

        • Haha good for you. At the end of the day you always have to do what’s best for yourself even if it means going against your family.

          • Mr. Tilde

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cf1f78ca6ce389d1e1cfefe59bb9bef0c50fcc07afc88ea51c8e06e4105520ac.jpg Hey thanks. Perhaps I’ll find a woman that would really piss off my mother.
            And speaking of woman, I’ve found one who’s from my department, and I’ll say that she’s the most feminine woman that I’ve ever met. She has a great petite figure, but has a horrible facial symmetry and “not so good” voice. But her femininity somewhat compensate those flaws. I’d give her a 7.9 out of 10 at best.

            BTW, here’s the picture of that girl. I know it won’t match the level beauty women from Eastern Europe, Latin America and South East Asia have.

            The thing is, her femininity is the only thing that made me attracted towards her, I don’t find her face to be aesthetically appealing. I always feel that I could find a woman who looks better than her, with that same feminine characteristics. But in a world where feminism indocrinates women that femininity is a patriarchal sin, women like her are very rare to come, and it’s becoming rarer every year as feminism, and toxic gynocentric values becomes the virtues of our society.

            So I don’t know whether I should make her attracted to me, or wait for a better looking feminine woman in the future. But I don’t have any hope for finding any feminine women in future, as feminism is slowly intoxicating our society.

          • Focus on yourself there are plenty of women out there. Put your mission first, don’t get focused on any one woman, and put developing yourself as a man first. Keep that as your first priority and other things will fall into place in your life.