3 Common Lies That Men Believe About Women Debunked

3 Common Lies That Men Believe About Women Debunked by Charles Sledge

In today’s world we have generations of men that are brought up on lies about woman. In regards to how to relate to them, the importance that they should have in their life, what they want, and much more. Much of what popular mainstream culture spews about woman is lies designed to mislead men. Either in servitude or complete avoidance. Men nowadays either seem to think women are special holy oppressed creatures or that women are evil and should be avoided at all costs. Both unhealthy extremes but both having similar causes. Men being lied to about women.

The truth is the only foundation upon which a man can base his life. Regardless of the truth is painful or harsh. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are building your foundation on truth. Any other foundation will fall out from underneath you at one point or another. When you build your house upon the sand of lies it will come tumbling apart when things get rough. But when you build your house on the hard rock of truth not even the strongest of storms will move it. The truth is what matters and it is the truth that men should pursue after.

Lie #1 – Women Don’t Like Sex

This lie is usually pushed by jaded men and the mainstream thoughts on women (which are pretty much always wrong). You have angry bitter men who say all women want is money and that they’ll just use sex to get it out of you. While yes when you are a beta and money is all you offer, yes women will use sex to get money off of you. But when you are a man and refuse to be a walking wallet, she’s going to want you for other reasons.

Get it out of your head that woman only want money (or attention, or whatever). Don’t get me wrong if a woman is not attracted to you she’ll use you for these things but when you are an attractive man with game this changes. Women like sex just with certain men. While men want a woman as long as she is decent woman want men who are above them or have the appearance of being above them. They want men at the top of the sexual pyramid. So for all those men who think women don’t sex, the truth is she probably does like sex just not with you. Work on yourself and change that to become a masculine man which all women love.

Lie #2 – Women Hate Submitting To Men

You’ve probably heard a guy joke about how his wife wears the pants and how she balks at any attempts of her submitting to him. Let me make something clear. This same woman who balks at the idea of submitting to her husband would submit wholeheartedly and become the servant of other attractive men. Women want to submit to men, granted they want them to be men worth submitting to (aka masculine men). Men who take charge and are naturally dominant. Not whipped little boys they can control and walk all over.

That same life who laughs in the face of her husband (or any submissive male) for that matter will get on her knees and pleasure a man who puts her in her place and do so joyfully. She’s never not in the mood, just not in the mood for her husband or beta guys. Now this doesn’t mean that a woman won’t put up a fight or throw shit tests at a guy who doesn’t take her crap. She will and when she sees that the guy is congruent (meaning actually a man who holds his ground and doesn’t give into her) she will submit to him and love doing so. Remember be a man and the woman will fall at your feet. Women were created to submit to men.

Lie #3 – Women Are Only Interested In Money

I addressed this one a bit in lie #1 but wanted to return to it here. This is something the vast majority of men, including so called “red pill” men have ingrained in them. That women just want men for their money. But’s that not true. Like I said women just want boys who are easy marks for their money while they get their brains screwed out by guys who are actually men. When you use money as a way to attract women what you are doing is attracting women who are just going to use you for it. Granted if you do it well you can avoid this and use them but the majority of men end up victims of opportunistic women.

While the phrase men are only interested in sex is pretty much true (at least in regards to women) it is not true that women are only interested in money when it comes to men. Again, this is true only for boys and easy marks, not men. Look at it this way a woman will use her life savings to support a drunken delinquent who sleeps on the coach and bangs other women all day and then turn around and cheat on a rich guy with the delinquent and then take half the rich guys money when they divorce. Women are only interested in your money if that’s all you got.


There could be a book written about all the lies the men are told about women with multiple volumes. This article simply addresses some of the top ones. Further your research into the ways that men and women work so that you do not end up a victim of lies. Remember the truth is the only foundation that is stable enough for you to base your life on. Anything else will give out on you at one time or another. You must base your life on the truth.

Women are interested in sex, they do want to submit to men, and they are not just interested in money. The key to all these are you must be an attractive man for these to hold true for you. If you are a rich wimp then yes all a woman is going to be interested in is your money. Specifically that she can take half when she leaves you for a man that gets her wet. It could be a broke bad boy or even a criminal so long as the man she goes with has his masculinity in tact and functioning.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Mr. Tilde

    Maybe that explains the fact why my mother got into a relationship and then married my father. My father did have that masculine vibe during his youth, even though he earns less than my mother.

    • Could very well be. Making less doesn’t mean much unless the man is less masculine because of it.