3 Of The Biggest Aphrodisiacs To Women

3 Of The Biggest Aphrodisiacs To Women by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Be A Man, Get The Girl: Testosterone & Success With Women. Enjoy.

These things are all innately related and that is not by accident. After all they all deal with the same thing namely being a man. They all make up certain facets of manhood. After all it is masculinity that attracts women. Everything else is a cheap substitute. Masculinity is something that has been defined many different ways by many different people. Some are very accurate others are widely off base. But even with those that are accurate there is still some differences of opinion. Regardless just like when we talk about someone who is “alpha” (which generally just means masculine) we have an idea of what we’re discussing and talking about here.

Masculinity is a multi-faceted topic. As are many important things in life. The biggest turn on to a woman is a masculine man. Now most are asking “So what does that mean?”. “Does it mean confidence? Strength? Aggressiveness?”. When it could mean yes to all three. Again masculinity is a multi-faceted topic. Here I’m going to talk about three traits of masculinity that turn women on like crazy and get them hot and horny. Increasing any of the following three areas will increase your masculinity and thereby your attractiveness to women and your value to the world.

Aphrodisiac #1 – Dominance

This applies both inside and outside the bedroom. A man that tells a woman what to do and commands her as if she is a piece of property to be owned turns women on even if they’d never admit it. It stirs something deep within them that they cannot resist or ignore. This means things like taking the lead, taking control, and being physical. Women want to be told what to do they need a leader to lead them. This also means telling a woman what you want from her and what you want her to do. Women naturally respond to commands when they’re given from a strong man that they have respect for.

A man who takes control would be the easiest way to sum this up. In the bedroom he dominates her and makes her his personal sex object like she so strongly desires. Outside the bedroom he takes control and the lead of whatever situation that he is in. He is forward and bold with what he wants. He doesn’t beat around the bush or play games he lay claims to the earth and all that he wants in it with no apologies and no regrets. He knows women are naturally followers and naturally submissive. Women get giggly when this type of man is around. He also makes sure to discipline those that get out of line and call them out. He is dominant, he is masculine.

Aphrodisiac #2 – Testosterone

Guys with higher testosterone levels are more attractive to women then guys with lower testosterone levels it’s as simple as that. This is the “secret” of the “natural” the guy who just gets women and doesn’t even know how or why. Sometimes he’s jacked, other times he cocky, other times he just seems like an asshole. Regardless at the end of the day he has what matters when it comes to attracting women and that is testosterone. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because a guy is more ripped or has bigger muscles than you that he has higher testosterone levels, there is certainly a correlation but they don’t lead to one another exactly.

There are strong, big, and ripped guys who can’t attract women because they don’t have high testosterone levels. Likewise there are guys who aren’t in really good shape but have high testosterone and attract women like flies to honey. Testosterone is another one of those things that women cannot help but want and be attracted to. It is the basis for so much in a man’s life. The guy who screws good looking women but has no idea what red pill or game is generally is a guy who has naturally high testosterone levels and keeps them high. Get your T up will do nothing but good for you.

Aphrodisiac #3 – Masculinity

Alright so the above two factors describe two facets of manhood here I’m going to go a little bit broader. By masculinity I mean those traits that are associated with masculine men. Things such as strength, putting oneself first, confidence, courage, boldness, and the like. Things that separate a man from a boy. Males who exhibit these traits are men. Whereas those that do not forever remain boys. This has as much to do with the mind as it does the spirit and the body. Masculine strong men turn women on. These are the men that have that fire burning in their hearts and will never let it be extinguished. They are fighters, warriors, builders, and wise men.

They work hard to be the best men that they can be. To better themselves and better their tribe. These men exhibit both strength and leadership abilities. They do not back down from challenges and take matters into their own hands. Strength, wisdom, courage, independence, self-reliance, nobleness, and so on and so forth. These are traits that make up masculinity. This is a broad term but one that I think we all have a common understanding of. The more masculine that you become the more women will flock to you.


All of these things are essentially saying the same thing but in a different way. As a matter of fact they are all facets of manhood and the first two could be classified under masculinity as well. There is a point I want to make with this. Masculinity as I’ve said is a multi-faceted topic. One that is broad for example courage is masculine, as is confidence, and is having high testosterone, and so on and so forth. This is why there are so many theories about what attracts women and what it means to be a man. Like the blind men grasping an elephant.

One grasps the tail and says an elephant is like a snake, another grasps the leg and says it’s like a tree, another grasps the tusk and says it’s like a solid pipe. Each has grasped a part of masculinity found how women responded or found how their lives improved and then went and declared whatever they found to be masculinity. Regardless when you increase your masculinity you increase you attractiveness to women. Success with women (and much of life) is based on your masculinity.

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