3 Areas You Must Be Proficient In To Call Yourself A Man

3 Areas You Must Be Proficient In To Call Yourself A Man by Charles Sledge

Usually whenever I see a headline that has to do with being a man I know I’m going to puke, especially with the mainstream media. However this is different. This article isn’t about what some liberal yuppie boy thinks is going to sound good to his female boss, this is about actual manhood. Manhood is about many different things, one of the key things being the development of skills and knowledge in certain key areas. The three areas that are listed here are by no means an exhaustive list but they do provide a solid foundation upon which to expand.

Going from boy to man is not something that happens automatically like when a girl becomes a woman. Your balls dropping doesn’t mean you have become a man. You may have gone from boy to male but not from boy to man. That requires work and the acquirement of certain skills. Much of life really comes down to acquiring and stacking skills. These three skills are the most essential to learn to live a life filled with freedom and to be fully a man.

The First Skill – Business

By business I mean pretty much anything and everything related to the skill of acquiring money. This could include things like learning a trade, copywriting, marketing, and sales to things like having an entrepreneurial mindset. Point is you have to learn to support yourself. You can’t be fully a man and be reliant on mommy and daddy, the government, or even a corporate job where you boss could can you at any moment (and probably will, especially if you don’t belong to a protected class). You must be independent and be able to take care of yourself.

You cannot rely on others to employ you or to keep you afloat. That “secure” job you have now working for someone you respect could do a complete 180 when next month a new company buys it, fires your boss, and proceeds to make your life a living hell before firing you for kicks at the end. Learn business skills or get screwed, learn how to handle yourself or get used to getting trampled on by others. This is the harsh reality of the world. Work for someone else and you’ll always be a slave. You must know how to go out and acquire money for yourself.

The Second Skill – Seduction

In addition to knowing how to go out and get money you must also know how to go out and get women. Having an understanding of women is just as important as having an understanding of money. A boy can’t just hope to end up with the right girl and just hope that his marriage will last. He must take deliberate actions to have the relationship with women that he wants. Whether that’s a rotating harem or a family it doesn’t matter. Neither will be successful without and understanding of women and how to seduce them.

You must know how to be irresistible to women.¬†Look every man wants a woman. Even men who hate women still have sexual feelings for them just like feminists still have sexual desires for men, especially masculine men. Because despite their hate or programming (whether feminist or MRA) they still have their same biology. You can’t go through life a virgin and be fulfilled. The biological urge is too strong. Reproduction is from a biological standpoint our highest calling and one we must be able to fulfill (even if we don’t choose to do so).

The Third Skill – Survival

There was a time when weak males were naturally culled by nature leaving only the strong. While we don’t live in a world where we have to worry about being a tiger’s lunch we still need to be able to defend ourselves. Even if you never have to call on your survival skills you still need to have them. Sort of like insurance you may never need it but when you do need, you need it really bad. You may never have to throw a punch or draw on someone but the second you do, you’d better be prepared.

Just like in seduction we have the sexual pyramid in survival there are categories of males as well. Criminals know this. They prey on those that are unsuspecting and show weakness, just like bullies. I’m not saying you have to become a Navy SEAL or anything simply know how to handle yourself in a dangerous situation. Learn how to fight. You may never need it that doesn’t mean it is not an essential skill to learn.


Becoming proficient in these three skills will put you ahead of the pack and ensure that you have a high quality of life that cannot be taken away from you. You will be able to withstand whatever the world throws at you. You will laugh at recessions, shit tests, and criminals because you know how to handle each and everyone. Nothing will shake you, you will be a man. Standing firm in the world while everything collapses and changes around you. You will be the oak in the storm, the mountain that never changes.

Don’t be the man who builds his house upon the sand (what the mainstream says you need to learn) but instead build your house upon the rock (what reality says you need to learn) and when the rains come you will not be fazed. And always remember be a man and everything else falls into place. If you have sons or younger male relatives I would strongly encourage you either share this article with them or at least convey to them the meaning. They will thank you down the line, as will I.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • A good basic list. Might I suggest elaborating on each section in more detail in future posts? Items like survival is fairly ambiguous. Survival, to me, involves things like fitness, martial arts/firearms training, outdoor/SHTF survival skills, mindset, etc. Would be interested in hearing more about your interpretation for each.

    • Haha that’s very true. Of course I intend to make these three skills a focal point of my blog. Will be going into much greater detail, even thought about writing a book around this subject.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    i was checking your section on your recommended books on masculinity, i was surprised David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” was not there, are you a fan of that book anyway?

    • You know it has a good point and is a valuable book but it gets a little out there for me from time to time. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it and I think there are much superior sources. Plus there are things he gets wrong (I can’t remember exactly what I’d have to reread) but nevertheless a good book and a step in the right direction for the majority of men. Sort of like Iron John not a big fan of it, gets a lot wrong, but still a step in the right direction.

  • Johnny Grube

    Everyone writes about having a job in corporate america and getting fired for what ever reason, men need to start thinking about the trades! Men still dominate the labor work force.

    Truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, mechanics etc, are all jobs that pay well.

    I am 48 and have made a good living with my body as a laborer,
    never unemployed, never laid off raised 4 kids, so maybe men should
    start thinking about jobs that are still dominated by the most capable,
    and not the weak bodied males or women.

    • Trades are a great choice. Learn a valuable skill. Work with your hands. Avoid corporate B.S. & drama. Combine that with some marketing know how and you’re golden. My friend who is doing the best started his own business mowing lawns out of high school and is far beyond all of us that choose to go to college and work in corporate America.

  • steve

    I’ve got too be real honest Charles with point #2….I am so friggin sick of seeing articles things like” you have to learn seduction!!”….because I feel like that will actually lead me further and further away from my priority and important goals in life which is to find my life purpose/ and career to produce a good steady income. I want to put all my energy into that and not waste any time with the seduction shit. The seduction shit is a big time/energy waster that I can’t afford to waste. Also, let’s be honest: there is nothing special about women, they are overrated

    • I agree that there are things more important for sure. Get your life down first. But I would still say you need to be aware of the nature of women. And maybe I’m just different about this but i couldn’t go long periods of time without sex when there are plenty of women around. But there are definitely more important things.

      • steve

        I guess I must have a low sex drive then haha, because I could never see what is so cool about sex. And especially now adays with most women are stuck up bitches who don’t deserve any attention in the first place…. and also, I could never understand why men would put up with any shit from women in the first place unless there are a lot more pathetic/desperate men out there than we think

        • Neither can I, no man should take any shit from a woman and honestly he won’t if he has any balls. And it’s not about being “cool” so much as it is about filling a biological imperative. More like scratching an itch (that is very satisfying) lol.