21 Reasons To Never Go To College

21 Reasons You Should Never Go To College by Charles Sledge

College was once considered a privilege a place where a young man could go to expand his mind as well as his career options. He would go and learn things about his chosen vocation and career path while making great friends and having a blast. College was a time of growth and experimentation. A time where you would create some of your finest memories and then come out ahead of the pack with a degree.

At one time college was a great choice for those that were able to participate in it. The long hours working summer jobs and busting their asses during high school maintaining the right GPA and grades all paid off in the form of a good education. Well those times are long gone. College not only is not cost effective but is one of the most decisions that a man can make in his life. While it still has merit depending on one’s field such as law or medicine other than that it is a giant money hole and even worse a waste of four years of your life. Four years you will never get back.

That time could have been spent building your own business, learning actual skills that will help you in life, or getting a job that is actually worth it. Spend time reading books about copywriting, sales, and business building is infinitely worth more than learning about the latest SJW craze that will be shoved down your throat. Or learning a vocation and starting your practice such as plumbing, electrician, or a lawn business is one hundred times better than getting a degree in just about anything.

The 21 Reasons

  1. The debt. The average student loan debt while varying from state to state comes out to around 20-30k per student. You could start your own business for a lot less than that.
  2. Colleges are really just glorified SJW indoctrination centers. Forget learning colleges have long given up their historic traditions in lieu of pushing the latest fad from the top. Transgenders today who knows what tomorrow will bring.
  3. The time. Like I said above that’s four years of your life. You could grow a successful business (or even a mediocre business) to the point where you would have a healthy living in four years. While your friends graduate with debt you’d have a business generating you lots of money.
  4. Strong Feminist tendencies. While it’s always best to keep you dick out of crazy sometimes after a drink or two much you go against your better judgement and bang that woman’s studies major. Next thing you know she’s carrying around a mattress talking about the rape charges she’s going to file against you if you don’t call her back. The administration will undoubtedly side with her.
  5. You learn nothing that you couldn’t learn from books. Anything you learn in college except for some STEM classes is going to be heavily tainted by your professor’s strong leftist views. Try learning about economics from someone who believes in Communism. You’re better off reading books about the subject and taking matters into your own hand than listening to some tenured leftist mangina drone on about the whites/capitalists/Christians or whatever his particular pet peeve is.
  6. Low job prospects (and that’s in relevant fields). Not sure if you’ve noticed but the economy isn’t exactly booming. Don’t worry I’m sure continually expanding entitlement programs will fix all that but nevertheless getting a job isn’t as easy as it once was. And that’s if you major in something relevant.
  7. Worthless majors. The vast majority of majors are worthless. Good luck supporting yourself with an arts major or God forbid something as inane as woman’s studies. Woman can usually find some desperate fool to absorb their debt and support their horrible life choices but as a man you’re pretty much screwed on this one.
  8. Cost to benefit ration or ROI. The ROI on college is absolutely abysmal. Think about someone who major in education then graduates with twenty five grand in debt to go teach at a school where all they do is get disrespected by kids, push leftist ideologies, and have to live in the hell that is Western “education”. The other majors are not much better and yes that includes STEM majors. Which while seen as a cure all is still a hefty risk.
  9. Learning a vocation is a better use of your time. When you learn a vocation not only are you learning a valuable skill (as valuable as a skill as blaming white men for everything is) but you learn a marketable skill. A smart plumber will some good business sense is going to make a much better living than the latest graduate of even the better indoctrination centers.
  10. It’s only getting worse. Unfortunately this isn’t a random stage that colleges are going through. This is the way things are going to continue and only get worse. So if college isn’t worth it now it would be absolutely crazy to think it will be worth it five years from now. It’s only getting worse not better.
  11. Loss of freedom. Loss of freedom in the way of money down the drain that you must spend a large portion of time paying back. Loss of freedom in the time that you will never get back. Loss of freedom in your course is set for you and if you don’t finish your degree your even worse off than paying the extra thousands and finishing. You are subject to the whims of college administration and your bat shit crazy professors.
  12. Travel and expenses. It is highly unlikely that you have a college in your backyard and even if you did it is highly unlikely that you would want to live with your parents while going to college. Room and board especially on campus is outrageous. Now say because of a monetary situation you have to live at home but drive to school everyday. I knew people in class that would drive three hours three times a week to attend. Talk about a waste of time, money, and life. It’s not worth it, at all.
  13. Anything that you can learn in college can be learned outside of college for a hell of a lot less. Books are infinitely more worthwhile than college classes and your professors. Books and hands on experience will get you more knowledge and learning than the best of college classes ever will. College classes even when not neutered with political correctness and indoctrination still have nothing on good books and your own experiences.
  14. The effect on your mind. I know aren’t colleges supposed to have a positive effect on your mind? Well supposedly yes, but in reality no. If you live in a toxic sewer you will be exposed to bad things no matter how many precautions you take. Your environment has a big impact on who you are. I’ve noticed friends who didn’t go to college have a much easier time retaining their masculinity and being themselves than those who went. Now obviously you can override this and turn your experience into whatever you want. But for those who are unaware of the toxic things they will be exposed to it may harm them in the long run.
  15. You will be corrupted as to what passes for normal. Living in certain parts of Western society can do this to you but college is certainly one of the worst offenders. Again if you are an aware “awakened” red pill man you can understand this and thereby avoid it but most men aren’t. It’s not normal for women to chop their hair off, it’s not normal to hate your own race, it’s not normal to be ashamed of being a man, it’s not normal for human biology to be subverted to ideology. And so on and so forth.
  16. It’s no gurantee…except a gurantee of debt. The only thing that comes as a gurantee from attending college is debt. There is no gurantee that you job prospects will increase, that your pay will scale, or even that you will be able to get a job in your field. Again the only gurantee of college is debt.
  17. Don’t go for learning as not much is taking place. Let’s say for whatever reason that money isn’t an issue for you but you still want to increase your learning. So you think about going to college. Perhaps you’re retired or perhaps you were smart and started your own business now want to experience it. However colleges aren’t in the business of educating but in the business of making students believe they need it so they can make tons of money of the gullible and naive….oh and Marxist indoctrination.
  18. If you’re unsure of what you want to do with your life college is the worst place to figure that out. You’re better off working at a job that has potential and is making you money instead of taking it from you. If you’re going to loaf around or just need some time to process what you want to do college is the worst and most expensive place to do that. Do it while making money and learning skills not while losing money and learning the evils of Western civilization.
  19. Now to address the good aspects of college. For example there are tons of girls on the average college campus. However first off there are lots of girls most places and you aren’t a loser and know what attracts women, namely being a man. Your not going to have any problem wherever you go. Take a guy with no game and put him in college he isn’t going to suddenly become Mr. Super Stud. Likewise take a guy with great game out in the boonies and he’s scoring more hot ass than the average college kid.
  20. Great social life. It’s complete B.S. that you have to go to college or somewhere like that to have a great social life. I live in a relatively small town the close friends I have I have had since I was young, for the most part. I’ve been to giant parties in college, talking ones that students from all around the nation come to and yet I’ve had more fun going on trips to random places with my friends. Because they’re quality and the reason they are quality is because I’m quality and like attracts like.
  21. It’s what everyone else or X has done. First off most people make dumb decisions not because their necessarily dumb but because society is set up in a way to take advantage of those who don’t know better. It always has been this way and it will always be this way. Just because your grandfather and father went  to a school doesn’t mean you should. Times have changed and unfortunately not exactly for the better. While going to college may have been a great choice in their time it can be a great liability in your own life. You must do what is best for you and your future.


College is a myth that has been passed down to enrich a few at the expense of many. Like being nice to a woman will make her love you, that diversity is good, and many more. College has been passed down from generation to generation as a holy grail of learning and advancement in life. It once meant something to have a degree from a university, not so anymore. At one time getting married was right for the vast majority of the population and while it can still be done if done right and you have the right knowledge, it’s more of a liability than anything. Likewise while college can still be worth it to a select few it’s a liability for the vast majority of the population. One you would do well to avoid.

If you want to delve further into this topic and see if college is right for you (or anyone for that matter) I would recommend you pick up a copy of Aaron Clarey’s book Worthless, which delves into the nuts and bolts of college. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a thirty thousand dollar degree and is a must read before sending in your application.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Well said. I made the mistake of getting my MBA. Fortunately, I didn’t go into debt getting it, but it was 6 years of my life wasted in college total. To think of the financial situation I could be in now if I knuckled down and worked those 6 years instead of spending it earning useless degrees and drinking makes me wince.

    • An MBA with no debt damn nice. Yeah it sucks looking back at the wasted time but I guess its better to realize this later than never and to warn others about it. Just started paying back my student loans and it’s not fun…lol.