The 2 Most Important Factors That Determine If A Woman Will Make A Good Wife

The 2 Most Important Factors To Determine If A Woman Will Make A Good Wife by Charles Sledge

There are many factors that go into deciding whether a woman would make a good long term prospect or not. Marrying a woman or really even dating a woman seriously (never forget how valuable your time is) is a commitment that most males are better off not making and all males should not make lightly. I don’t say this to be negative just to state facts and no matter what you need to put yourself first and focus on your development. Even when you’re married or in a long term relationship this does not change. Although obviously you’ll watch out for your family (in addition to watching out for yourself as well).

For a fuck buddy or one night stand really all that matters is that the girl is relatively stable and that she makes your dick hard, everything else is pretty much icing on the cake. When deciding whether a woman is going to make a good wife or not things like looks matter, however they are not nearly as important as other factors. Here I am going to describe the absolute most important factors for considering whether a woman would be a good candidate for marriage. However also realize that there are women who will meet both these factors yet still not be marriage material. Take everything on a case by case basis and be sure to always use your head.

Factor #1 – Her Relationship With Her Father

This is the absolute number one factor to determine is a girl is marriage material or not. This is more important than any other factor. Girls who have damaged, broken, or absent relationships with their fathers are not going to be able to have healthy relations with other men. This sounds harsh and it’s very unfortunate and sad but women who have as I said damaged, broke, or absent relationships with their fathers are never going to be able to make good wives. When it comes to being a good wife they are broken, it isn’t their fault and it’s unfortunate but it is the truth.

You can’t save these kinds of women either. No more than diving onto a raging inferno is going to put it out. All it’s going to do is burn you up as well. Girls who have good relationships with their fathers know how to act and relate to men in a healthy way. “Daddy’s girls” (as in she cares deeply about her father and what he thinks, not spoiled brats whose fathers spend money on them in replacement of having a relationship with them) make the best wives. “Daddy’s girl” again meaning a girl who has a deep, strong, and healthy relationship with her father and cares about what he thinks. A girls relationship with her father is the number one indicator of if she’ll make a good wife.

Factor #2 – Chasity

How many men that a woman has slept with is the second most important overall factor to determine if a woman is marriage material and has a very strong correlation with the first factor. Ideally you should only marry a virgin and follow the old wisdom of “No hymen, no diamond”. Granted that is getting harder and harder but as I’ve said you’re better off never getting married then you are getting married to a woman that isn’t worth it. I’d highly encourage that you don’t marry a woman unless she is a virgin. Sure have fun with her maybe even date her lightly but don’t marry her…unless she’s a virgin.

Now I know that many aren’t going to follow this advice, alright fine. Look if a girl has had sex with a boyfriend before that isn’t a huge deal (also realize women lie through their teeth when it comes to how many men they’ve slept with, however there is no faking a hymen). However let me make something clear to you if a woman has been with 10+ men meaning she has a notch count in the double digits she doesn’t have the capability to be a good wife. This isn’t to be mean or harsh it’s a factual statement. She has lost the ability to pair bond healthily. Just like the woman who doesn’t have a good relationship with her father. Every man she sleeps with lowers her value as a potential wife drastically.Be safe and only marry a virgin.

With All This Being Said…

Alright so with all of this being said there is still something that can still ruin a marriage. You could be married to a woman who has a wonderful relationship with her father and was a virgin when you married her and have a whole host of other good things and the marriage could still end up in ruins. And let me tell you what can cause this. You not being a strong man. With all this being said if you are not a strong man then the marriage is not going to work out no matter what. You have the be the man and be the leader.

Everything else could be right but without that crucial factor none of it is going to matter. You still have to be masculine, you still have to be strong, and you still have to be a leader. You have to have your shit together as a man. Otherwise the whole thing is going to fall apart. Be a man fully and completely and everything else starts to fall into place. Marriage is no exception. Weak males do not make good husbands and even the kindest of wives will resent them for their weakness and failure to lead. Be strong, be a man.


So make sure to take these two factors into account when choosing a wife. They matter more than you can possible imagine. As a matter of fact is you stacked up every other factor determining a potential women’s value as a wife against these two, these two would still be more important. Do not ignore these. If a woman doesn’t have a particular body style that’s your favorite whatever, if she likes different things then you whatever, but these two factors cannot be ignored. If you ever consider marrying a woman make sure that she has a good relationship with her father and that she is a virgin. Then be a masculine man and your chances for a successful marriage are incredibly high.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Reborn Masculinity

    Good article. I would have to add one more factor and is – her mother. You have to look at her mother to see how will she look like and act in 20-30 years from now. They all turn out to be just like their mothers. Some of them even fight their whole life to not end up like their mums but at the end still do.

    And btw, nice new website design and theme 🙂 Cheers.

    • SnapperTrx

      Absolutely. If you want to see about what she will look like when she gets older, look at her mom.

    • Thanks man and that’s a great point.