101 Must Read Tips For Success

101 Must Read Tips For Success by Charles Sledge

Success is something that we all want. There are principles behind success. No matter what someone is successful in there are commonalities between them. There are things that successful people share in common, a success mindset if you will. These people know what it takes to make it. They have risen above the level of the average man and have achieved success.

The success they achieve transfers into all areas of their life if it wasn’t a fluke. That is why you can take away all of a millionaires money and give to a homeless person yet five years from that date the millionaire will be a millionaire again and the homeless man will be a homeless man again. We all want success. Regardless of who we are or what we are doing we all want success in life. We all want to live fulfilling lives.

Regardless of what success looks like to us there is a similar path that we must take. There are similar principles that we must embody and we must cultivate a similar mindset. Learning to use your mind is fundamental to the road to success. It is fundamental to everything. Here is this article I aim to outline some quick tips and hacks to get you started to make your journey easier. Yet never forget without the proper use of your mind no amount of tips or hacks will bring you to your goal. With that being said here are some tips that I have found crucial to achieving long term success.

101 Success Tips

  1. Never whine or complain.
  2. Cut negative influences no matter who or what they may be.
  3. Imagine yourself as successful everyday.
  4. Watch videos given by successful people on how they got there and most importantly take notes.
  5. Understand that getting success isn’t going to be easy and that it isn’t about what’s doing what it easy but about doing what is worth it.
  6. Humanity is like crabs in a bucket the majority want to do nothing else but drag anyone down who rises above and has a chance to make it.
  7. Mindset is everything.
  8. Don’t let your health go to shit. Yes there will be some nights when your up all night working but don’t make it a habit. You’ll do more damage to yourself than anything else.
  9. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never make it.
  10. Persistence ultimately matters more than anything else, other than self-belief as mentioned above.
  11. Take time to enjoy the journey, you must relax from time to time. Otherwise you’ll break.
  12. Learn to focus on one thing for certain periods of time.
  13. Considered cutting yourself off from outside influences for a season.
  14. Don’t listen to the majority or the “average man”…unless of course you want to be average.
  15. Understand that people will doubt you, walk your own path.
  16. When you take in knowledge try to apply it immediately even in a small way, it will help it to stick in your mind and be useful.
  17. Drink lots of water and no that isn’t a joke.
  18. Have interests outside of your work, just something to balance you out. Maybe it’s going to the boxing gym every night or maybe its building a shack. Just something to get your mind free for a bit.
  19. Tell yourself you will be successful. Affirmations work, they are not magic but they do work.
  20. Get in the thought currents of the successful.
  21. Take time to reflect on your work, don’t mindlessly plug ahead.
  22. Work hard and smart, there is not a choice between the two.
  23. Always have a goal you are focused on.
  24. Understand that there is plenty of money out there, that money is not in limited supply. Have an abundance mindset.
  25. Take chances and risks, fortune favors the bold.
  26. Be ready to take a stand for what you believe in, no one likes a lukewarm person.
  27. Be you. What I mean is speak what you believe. Be yourself, that’s who you were created to be. Don’t copy others.
  28. Look at the principles of success and then act on them as you see fit, you don’t have to copy what the successful do “word for word” as everyone is different and these differences will lead to small but important differentiation in what you do.
  29. Principles matter one hundred times more than techniques.
  30. Understand many people will turn against you when you begin your rise, including friends and family. Fuck em.
  31. Always live for yourself, never for someone else. In other words always put yourself first.
  32. Always have a great attitude.
  33. Kill any negative thoughts before they have a chance to take root and poison you.
  34. Be able to take a bird’s eye view of situations. Separate yourself from things emotionally so you can see whats going on around you. Then when it comes time to take action reattach to your emotions and do so.
  35. Understand the majority of humans are simply animals. All humans have a duel nature one foot on earth and the other in heaven or whatever you want to call it. But the vast majority of men never develop this and are essentially animals.
  36. Learn psychology and human behavior. Study evolutionary biology, practical psychology, and of course sales.
  37. Knowing how to gain and manipulate money is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. For the simple reason that without money you will not have freedom.
  38. Understand what is important in life. And organize things accordingly. For example your personal life mission always comes before anyone else. Never live your life for another person, always live it for yourself.
  39. Don’t try to save the world its an exercise in futility (and foolishness) instead focus on yourself and change your personal world (which is all that ultimately matters anyways).
  40. Never doubt yourself…ever.
  41. Find like minded people, find brothers and stick with them.
  42. Listen to the advice of the wise.
  43. Be discriminating yet be open to new information. For example even a broken clock is right twice a day. You may get a sentence of wisdom from even a fool talking. Understand this.
  44. Don’t rely on book knowledge, or experience, or any one thing. Diversify so that should one fail you, you will still be good.
  45. The road is hard but nothing is as rewarding as reaching the summit.
  46. It is much easier to maintain positive forward momentum than to get it started.
  47. Be able to take a bump in the road or a curve ball because the path is riddled with them.
  48. Cultivate a stoic attitude. This doesn’t mean to be emotionless but rather to be in control of your emotions and to never let them get the better of you.
  49. Hatred, negativity, and bitterness are guarantees you’ll never make it.
  50. Don’t worry about others making it or not making it, focus on yourself and your own path. They are not you and you are not they.
  51. You have to believe that you can succeed before all else. Remember mindset is everything.
  52. Read lots and lots of good books. Reading a book is always a good ROI. Put simply you gotta read to make it.
  53. Your habits can make or break you, so make sure you are cultivating good ones and cutting yourself free of bad ones.
  54. Show gratitude, never get too big for your britches.
  55. Never listen to naysayers, remember they just want to drag you back down in the bucket.
  56. Unless you desire to change the laws of time and space, whatever you want is possible. Understand this.
  57. Having a victim mindset is a guaranteed way to never be successful. A victim mindset is poisonous.
  58. Likewise having limiting beliefs will also guarantee that you are never successful. See above unless your changing the laws of time and space, it is possible.
  59. No matter how powerful you think the human mind is you’re underestimating it.
  60. Your health matters greatly.
  61. Follow your own path, you are who you are for a reason. Both your story and path are going to be unique, embrace that.
  62. Don’t be afraid to dream big or go against the grain. Remember don’t limit yourself.
  63. Love yourself and who you are.
  64. Find good music that you can work too. Depending on what I’m writing it may be meditation music, classical, or some types of country that sound like they came out of the hills and not a studio (nothing you’ll hear on the radio). Find what works for you.
  65. Make use of whatever resources you have around you. Most people have at least one thing in which they can offer good advice. If this one thing is easily identifiable use it.
  66. Never underestimate the value of the free library.
  67. Get good sleep.
  68. Don’t waste your energy on things that aren’t worth it. Some prime examples off the top of my head. Arguing with people online, responding to negativity, and porn.
  69. Never underestimate the power of visualization. Visualize yourself completing what it is that you want.
  70. You don’t have to be an expert in everything. Don’t be scared to outsource. For example I have no idea how to make a cover for a book and never will because I can get one made for five dollars and it isn’t worth my time to learn.
  71. Use your time wisely.
  72. Take time to sit back and calculate the ROI on everything that you do. Note: the ROI doesn’t necessarily have to be money.
  73. You will make mistakes. Fail forward. Don’t sit around doing the whole “woe is me crap” or profusely apologizing. If you messed up take responsibility for it and move on smart and stronger for it.
  74. The first thing you do might not work out, or the second, or third, but then again maybe it will. The point is as long as you keep moving forward and do not give up you can make it.
  75. Your in this for the long haul, don’t think there is any other option.
  76. The man who chooses to not be defeated cannot be defeated.
  77. Give value, help others.
  78. Make easy for others what was hard for you.
  79. I have faith in you. I have faith in you because you are taking time to read a list like this and reading my site. However my faith means little when compared with you own. Have faith in yourself.
  80. Understand that in the larger scheme of things that petty drama and B.S. doesn’t matter. Hell in the larger scheme not much matters. We are born, we pass through this world, then we go on to the next. Understand this.
  81. The only thing you have to do is die…eventually, everything else is a choice.
  82. Take time for having fun. Spending time with friends and loved ones simply enjoying the company of other humans.
  83. Make an vow to yourself that no matter what happens you will face it like a man and come out on top.
  84. Don’t follow trends either create or ignore them. You either walk alone or lead the herd, you’re never part of it.
  85. Dream big.
  86. Be an action taker. Ideas count for nothing until they are acted upon.
  87. “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week” – General Patton
  88. Don’t be afraid to follow your gut and instincts they are there for a reason.
  89. Your subconscious is in an incredibly powerful and useful tool, this is where many of your hunches come from. So don’t be scared to follow them.
  90. Ultimately your success is up to you.
  91. Cultivate a mind that is as strong as iron yet as peaceful as a placid lake.
  92. Don’t rush blindly ahead like a fool. Take time to deliberate but when the time comes to act without hesitation.
  93. Where there is no vision the people perish, have a vision of what you want your life to be.
  94. Don’t court controversy for the sake of controversy but do not back down for fear of controversy either. Stand your ground and speak what you believe.
  95. Following the crowd will never do you any favors. Even if that crowd constantly declares how not part of the crowd they are.
  96. Listen more than you speak.
  97. Make strengths even stronger and bring up weaknesses until they are strengths.
  98. Have a code that you live by.
  99. Never waste a moment, time is precious. Make the most out of it.
  100. Lay claim to the earth and all that is in it.
  101. Read the rest of the site and my books.


Success is possible and it is within your grasp. Success goes to those who want it bad enough. Remember without the right mindset none of these tips and tricks will matter. They are to be used with the foundation of a healthy mindset beneath them. Many of the tips deal with your mind and that is no coincidence. Success begins and ends in the mind of man.

There is no handicap that could prevent one from succeeding with the right mindset. Likewise there is no advantage that could keep a man from failing if he has the wrong mindset. Use this to help illuminate your way. The road to success is long and arduous. But it is worth it. Remember do not look for what is easy look for what is worth it. Success is worth it.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it.

-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge